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5 Best Places For Trekking in India

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26th August, 2019 01:31 IST

India is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. It’s rich culture and heritage distinguishes it from the rest of the nations. The beautiful and historic buildings, monuments and gardens are a great source of attraction for the tourists. The visitors also love the authentic Indian food and traditional attire of various states of India. Many foreigners also like to be a part of the religious festivals like Holi, Diwali, Uttrayan, etc. that are celebrated in India. Apart from all the above mention reasons for loving India, trekking is also one of the major attraction for the travelers. There are some top trekking destinations in India where hikers can climb mountains and hills and enjoy the beauty of nature. They are listed below-

* Zanskar Trek

One of the most difficult trekking regions at the Leh Ladakh having an altitude of about 3390 meters is the Zanskar Trek. It is challenging enough to trek to a frozen river with chilling winds. During the trekking region, you need to climb on icy rocks so it needs great courage and experience. Apart from this risky path, there is also an easy trekking path from Padum to Darcha which gives you a chance to take a walk through the Kargil region. This trek is popularly known as ” The Chadar Trek” due to the layers of snow that cover the area during the winter season. 9 days of this trekking period you can also visit Manali, Mulbek, and Phugtal monastery. If you are dare-devil and planning to challenge yourself by going for a trek here the best season is from January to February.


* Markha Valley Trek

One of the most popular trekking destinations in the Ladakh region having an altitude of 5150 meters is Markha Valley. During the expedition, you can visit various Buddhist monasteries, palaces, and temples like the Shey Palace, Thiksey monastery and the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset at the Shanti Stupa and witness the bottle green colored Sangam of the Indus and the Zanskar rivers. The whole trekking area is surrounded by grand purple, black and grey colored mountains and huge trees like Juniper and Alpine. A variety of streams, villages with fields of wheat, barley and mustard crops enhance the beauty of the valley. It takes almost 10 to 14 days to complete the expedition and the best season is from mid-June to mid- October.

* Kauri Tapovan Trek

This Gherwal region trek is an easy yet memorable hiking experience for the travelers. It has a maximum altitude of 4264 meters and takes almost 6 days to complete it. The main attraction of this trek is the Kauri Pass and the Tapovan base camp. This trek covers all the Holy destination located in the Himalayas starting from Haridwar to Joshimath. Some of the exotic site like the meeting of the Devprayag, Bhagirathi, and Alakananda rivers, places like Chaitrakantha and Chaukhamba add to the serenity of the trek. During the trek, you cover more than 7000 peaks and also meet the snow leopards and Musk dears. April to June and from September to November are favorable seasons for trekking.


* Goecha La Trek

It is one of the most difficult trekking areas located at the popular hill station Sikkim. The trek has a maximum altitude of 4940 meters and it takes around 10 days to complete it successfully. Though you need to pass through the dense Rhododendron forests, crystal clear Himalayan lakes, it seems worth it when you witness the majestic views of the Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Kabru and Mount Dome. Reaching the Goecha La Pass you can also experience being at arm’s length to the second tallest Himalayan peak, the Kanchenjunga. The season from April to September is most suitable for planning out this trekking expedition.

* Chopta Chandrashila Trek

One of the challenging trekking experience you get along the Garhwal Himalayas is the Chandrashila trek. If you are the one full of taking challenges, then this trekking region of Uttarakhand is made for you. During this trek, you get a chance to visit the highest Shiva temple, Deoriatal lake, and Chopta valley. The altitude of the trek is about 3658 meters and it takes 5 days to complete the whole trek because of the snow-covered peaks. March to May and October to November are the best season for this trekking.

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