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5 Budgeted Foreign Trips You Can Take

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For the people who are bitten by the travel bug, visiting and exploring new places and destinations is a way of life. Travelling anywhere involves a lot of planning on the budget front, and this is where a lot of our dreams to have a great time beyond the borders of India prove to be a task too hard to complete. While travelling internationally brings with it a different experience altogether, the budget too gets inflated without control.

Planning to get a super affordable trip to an international destination?

We have got the 5 of them taken down just for you-


# Bhutan

Credited with being the “Happiest Country in the World”, Bhutan is one of the cheapest countries you can travel to and enjoy a time of some peace and solace. If this country is the happiest, obviously a peaceful environment will be of no harm to you in any case. Haa Valley, Trongsa and Dochula Pass are among the recommended places to witness.


# Sri Lanka

The island country that flanks us from the South has a lot of options for you which fit right into your tight budget. While the coastal cuisine there is simply not to be missed, the country should also be visited to enjoy the vast expanse of beaches and of course, you cannot miss the connection with India’s most loved tale- The Ramayana. Go for their heritage tours and places that depict art and culture in the most pristine form.


# Laos

The Southeast country of Laos is admired by people from the world over because of its breath taking mountains, delicate French architecture and Buddhist monasteries as well. If you crave to visit a foreign country from India that is cheap and affordable, Laos can be that destination for you. The Plain of Jars, their Night Market and their Temple Tours are never to be missed at all!


# Thailand

Thailand will tick both the right boxes for you- of a great, modern country as well as a nation with deeply ingrained cultural roots. There are royal palaces as well as a large number of ancient ruins that will leave you breathless, all at a fraction of a cost if you were to travel somewhere far away.


# Maldives

Now, don’t be mistaken. Maldives is an exotic location undoubtedly, known for its beautiful and luxurious resorts. However, with an immaculate level of planning and some really great research, Maldives can actually be that super affordable and perfect foreign country for you to visit.

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