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5 Getaways Near Bhubaneswar

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16th May, 2019 05:06 IST

* Deras Dam, Bhubaneswar

Located in the Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary, Deras is a highly preferred weekend getaway. Nestled in the dense Chandaka forest, it is blessed with a serene and mesmerizing surrounding, hence making it famous among picnickers. Visitors can even get a close peek into the rich fauna of the area through the watch towers present here.

* Salia Dam, Banapur

This dam is situated in Banapur town which is named after King Banasura of Dwapara Yug. Built on the Salia river, the dam makes a great spot to get rid of any ennui. The lush green vegetation around the dam adds up to the vigor of the place. Another attraction is the temple dedicated to Goddess Bhagabati.


* Barunei & Atri, Khorda

Just an hour’s drive from Bhubaneswar, Barunei hill is one of the most favorite places. Calm and serene, this hill is famous for Maa Barunei’s temple. There is a beautiful stream flowing down the hill that enhances its beauty. Few kilometers away, the hot water spring called Atri is located. People are always eager to witness the nature’s magic of pouring steaming water from its core.

* Ramchandi Beach, Puri

Just 5 kms from Konark, Ramchandi has now become the favorite spot specially for the youngsters of the city. Beaches have always attracted crowds towards them and so does this one. Unlike Puri beach, Ramchandi is not so crowded and gives the great pleasure of calmness. The sea here is the epitome of nature’s beauty and adds to the jest of the enthusiastic visitors.

* Chilika, Ganjam

It is a huge brackish water lagoon spread over Puri, Khorda and Ganjam districts. The lake is one of the largest wintering ground for migratory birds. Adding to the rich fauna of this place are newly introduced water-sports that are a huge attraction for the younger generation. There are many islands in the lake which can be reached by boats, Kalijai Island being the most famous. The place is also known for food delicacies of prawn, crab, fishes, etc.

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