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5 Most Beautiful Attractions of Tel Aviv

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12th January, 2020 03:06 IST

Tel Aviv is small but packed with culture, history and vibrant nightlife. Whether it’s architecture or the beach that piques your interest, here are the top places of interest you need to visit in Tel Aviv.

* The beach promenade

Recently renovated, the promenade runs along Tel Aviv’s coastline. It offers easy access to the beach or any of the countless cafes dotted along the shore, but most of all it offers the best place to take in the sunset.


* Neve Tzedek

Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood is now a trendy hub of fashion stores and cultural institutions. Grab a cone at Anita one of the city’s best ice cream shops and get lost in the area. Dallal is a great place to stop for lunch, or if you’re up for a second ice cream, try Granny’s Ice cream (Glida Savta) in the Suzan Dallal Art Center.

* Rabin Square

Israel’s most famous plaza, Rabin Square a key point in Tel Aviv and a must-visit site. Home to the town hall, it also has a memorial for Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s Prime Minister who was assassinated after a pro-peace rally. The square itself is beautiful and there are free lawn chairs near its fountain.


* Jaffa’s Old City and Port

One of the oldest port cities in the world, Jaffa’s Old City is a maze of stores and cafes that spill over into Jaffa’s flea market. Head to the port for some fresh fish, or get lost in the winding alleys of the Twelve Signs.

* Tel Aviv Port

A hub of restaurants, shops and other attractions, the port is a hotspot for young revelers at night and great for spending an afternoon shopping and sea gazing. Check out Yahaloma near the farmers’ market inside the port for some great local cuisine.

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