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5 Must Try Wood Fired Pizza Spots To Try in Bangalore

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26th September, 2021 10:49 IST

If you are on the hunt for the best spots serving wood-fired pizza in Bangalore, we’ve got you covered. The Italians displayed sheer brilliance when they created this circular bread with toppings that all of us have come to love so much. And yes, we love our Dominos and our Pizza Huts, but there is something about the wood fire oven, thin-crust pizza that is absolutely delectable. The smoky after-effects of the hot oven leave a mark on the pizza and your stomach. Pizzas are now being served all over the city, in cafes, fine dine restaurants and bistros as well. Each of them has its own take on this classic dish, here are some of the best spots to try wood-fired pizzas in Bangalore.


# Brik Oven

Brik Oven always finds its way in the list of the best wood-fired pizza in Bangalore. It is also known as the place to find the best Neapolitan Pizza in Bangalore. The pizza dough is made in house, which makes for a fluffy well-charred crust for the pizza, which is then topped with some of the best cheeses and topics available in the town, cooked in a wood-fired oven to bring in that wonderful smokiness and textures as well. Besides pizzas, Brik Oven also makes in-house ciabattas, salads, desserts and a variety of milkshakes. They have now also started selling their products, such as their fresh mozzarella cheese, sourdough and ricotta.


# The Pizza Bakery

The Pizza Bakery joins the contest for the perfect pizza, aided by soft cheese, European beers and flaming pyrotechnics. Pizza Bakery is known for its 72-hour fermented sourdough, this is what gives their pizzas and bread a unique flavour and texture. Their stuffed garlic bread are another one of their bestsellers, they have various toppings and come with a side of house-made garlic aioli. Pizza Bakery also offers other Italian favourites such as pasta, and desserts like Tiramisu, all made in house.


# Toscano

One of the best fine-dine Italian Restaurants in Bangalore, Toscano serves classic Italian dishes. Their food is a fusion of both old world and new world Italian cuisine. Toscano offers gourmet pizzas made with artisanal sourdough, with classic Italian toppings, wood-fired and served. The restaurant also has a selection of wines from across the world, that can be paired with your food. Toscano can be called a “Slice of Italy In Bangalore”. Along with wood-fired pizzas, they offer other Italian favourites such as pasta, salads and desserts.


# Alba

Another classic Italian Fine Dine restaurant, located at the JW Marriott in Bangalore. The restaurant aims at giving you an authentic Italian dining experience, all the way from the food, to the ambience and décor. Alba serves lovely thin-crust wood-fired pizzas, made with the best of cheeses and meats.


# Café Mangii

A casual dining restaurant, located in Lavelle Road, known for its delicious wood-fired pizzas. This Café offers Italian Classics and continental dishes as well. Along with pizza, guests can also enjoy pasta, classic Italian Soups like the Minestrone, and sandwiches from their Deli. They also have a wine bar. Pizzas are made handcrafted and baked in a traditional wood-fired oven. They serve the Italian classics such as Margherita and Prosciutto and Scamorza, and some fusion pizzas like the Mediterranean and Cilantro Lime Chicken.

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