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5 Places You Must Not Skip During Rann Utsav

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Rann of Kutch turns into a travel hot spot at the end of every year. The Rann Utsav has become a popular cultural fest, with travellers heading to the salt desert in thousands. It is indeed a unique event and offers a great experience.

But apart from the festival, there are many other sites in the vicinity that you must visit when you are there. The festival is held in the marshy salt desert, and there is lots to for those bitten with wanderlust, who must explore the other treasures of Kutch. Here are five places you must not skip during Rann Utsav.


# The Magic Of The Black Magnetic Mountains

Kala Dungar has been so named because the hills look black against the vast panorama. Kalo Dungar is the highest point of Kutch and offers a jaw-dropping view of the entire region, especially the Rann and the Indo-Pak border. There are patches on these mysterious hills where your vehicle will travel against gravity, even when the engine is switched off. Many curious minds spend time here to wonder how the magnetic hills work. This region is also known for hiking, but it is recommended only for professional trekkers. There is also a place where you can spot jackals who come to take their meals every day at a fixed hour.


# Birder’s Paradise At Mandvi

Located in the heart of Mandvi city, Topansar lake comes alive with birds every winter. Birders who are used to travelling deep into forests to spot migratory birds will be able to spot rare and elusive species in the middle of the city. You should also drive down to the Mandvi beach, which is popular for decorated camel rides and some sumptuous street food.


# Unearthing History At Dholavira

Dholavira, also known as Kotada Timba is one of the historical sites of Kutch area, where relics of Harappan civilization have been found by Archaeological Survey of India. It is an enchanting site, where the air itself carries echoes from the past. You can walk through the ruins, as well as enjoy the grand panorama that stretches out for many miles. Defence forces have also started an evening parade ceremony, like the one at Wagah border, on the Indo-Pak border in the vicinity here.


# Ancient Buddhist Paintings At Siyot

Siyot Caves are ancient caves that date back to the first century AD. The paintings and folklore of the cave carvings and sculptures depict historical events like Chinese migration to India. These little-known sites have been the destination for many history enthusiasts from around the world.


# Spotting The Rare Indian Bustard

Lala-Parijan sanctuary or the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places in Kutch, known for conservation and preservation of India’s heaviest flying bird- Bustards. They are among the most endangered species and are locally called Ghorad. You can also take a safari to spot other rare animals like the wild ass, Chinkara, hedgehog, fox, desert cats, jackal and jungle cats.

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