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5 Scintillating Places To Visit in India

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Vibrant flavours and all those different textures! India is a land perfect for food lovers. Amidst this great land however, there have been places that have stood the test of time and generations of people who love them and are devoted to them with the same fervour as their elders or older generations.

These iconic places have something exquisite to offer in everything they serve.


# TunDay Kebabi, Lucknow

This amazing place is famous all- around the globe. Started in 1905, this outlet has mind boggling Galouti kebabs, biryani and kormas. Located in an alley that is pretty narrow, their spice blend is still the same even after all these years. Better than those gourmet places by a mile!


# Britannia And Co, Mumbai

Opened up in 1923, Britannia and Co. has a devoted fan following and is a pretty favourite among Mumbaikars. Hard core Parsi food fanatics never head to any other place but this. Their mutton is legendary, while their Chicken Berry Pulav is an in house special.


# Leopold’s Cafe, Mumbai

Leopold’s Café is as iconic as food places come, and is on the list of everyone who visits Mumbai. From your simple burgers, to amazingly exquisite sushi, you can also enjoy a beer at this lively place any time.


# Glenary’s, Darjeeling

This place was brought into existence by an Italian, but then their manager got it from him. It might be pretty old, but the place is famous among the local people and the tourists similarly. Their desserts are simply excellent, with cinnamon buns, from the oven fresh meat pies and tea grabbing the top honours.


# Karim’s, Delhi

This outlet came up in the year 1913, and has been the recipient of countless awards for its excellent non-vegetarian delicacies. Right in the centre of Chandni Chowk, they carry recipes which they say are from the Mughal rule days. Their Mutton Nihari and Chicken Jahangiri are classics!

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