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5 Things That are Affecting Indian Wildlife Drastically

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11th January, 2020 10:44 IST

Humans now the greatest threat to Earth, are destroying the planet and has killed 80% of all wild mammals, plants and marine life. Habitat destruction is the direct loss of Indian wildlife by removal of trees, polluting the rivers, leading the human wildlife conflict along with list of major environmental issues.

Natural floods are another killer of India’s wildlife, Floods in Assam put the life of wild Indian animals of Kaziranga National Park in danger.

* Deforestation

Deforestation or removal of a forest for urban use and plantation is the biggest threat to the wildlife of India, India is one of the top 10 countries in the world in the amount of forest loss in 2009, affected the wild animals and birds.


* Habitat Loss

Habitat destruction by human activity like mining for natural resources is one of the primary cause of wild species extinction in India and disturbance of ecosystem.

* Poaching

Poaching is one of the way of illegal hunting of wild animals for trophies, Ivory, Fur of several animals and claw. Top endangered species of India like elephants, tiger and Rhino are prime target of poaching in India for wildlife trade.


* Hunting

Hunting or killing of wild animals for food, recreation and bush meat is the illegal killing. Killing and hinting of India’s majestic wild animals is not only an environmental crime but also a threat to the wildlife cycle.

* Road Kill

Over last few decade, Roadkill have become a new enemy of India’s wildlife, as number of wild animals killed by motor vehicles on highways. Lack of prey pushing the Indian wild animals towards the cities along with new highways passing through the jungle.

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