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5 Things Women Solo Travelers Must Carry

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07th July, 2019 05:35 IST

Travelling and exploring the world can be an enriching experience, it’s even better when friends and family tag along. But, if you’re a girl and wish to go backpacking alone or with your girl gang, do you need to be concerned? Well, at the end of the day we all are responsible for our safety. However, with a few travel tips in mind you can explore the country with a little less worry, and a lot more confidence!
So, read along:

* Charger

Always be charging. You never know when you’ll need that last bit of juice, so whenever there is an outlet available, top off each of your gadgets.Yes, maybe your phone has enough battery left, but a wise thing to do while travelling would be to charge it whenever you find a source. Your gadgets are crucial during any travel escapade, and sometimes life can move in uncertain ways, so you never know when you may end up needing Google Maps or that urgent phone call. So, stay prepared and always be charging.

* Important Address and Contacts

Create a mail with a compilation of all the the local addresses you will visit on your trip (hotels, attractions, offices, etc) and send this to yourself as well a couple of friends, and family members. This serves the dual purpose of saving energy and time involved in planning your logistics. Additionally, when you share this information with others, it will help them track you, if at all required.


* Comfortable Clothes

Wearing an Indian saree for mountain climbing will not be a great idea, right? Similarly, every destination may have a dress code that must be adhered to. Before packing for your trip, always take into account the culture and mindset of the people living there. This not only shows respect towards the community and tradition, but also helps you blend in with the crowd.

* Research About The Place

‘Research’ because that is the most basic thing to do. Having basic knowledge of the destination will only help you interact and understand the locals and culture better. Also, go through the map and try to gain knowledge about where the airport, train stations and bus stops are located.

* A Pepper Spray

When on a solo trip or with your gang of girls, do remember to carry pepper spray and a pocket knife in your bag. It doesn’t weigh much and comes handy in any untoward situation. We want you to have fun while you also stay safe.

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