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5 Well Known Love Lock Destinations To Visit Around the World

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25th November, 2021 08:27 IST

Lovelock is one of those things where couples lock an object mostly on bridges and after locking this, they throw away the key mostly in a lake or a river. This is done as the representation of the unbreakable love of the couples. This activity has become very popular for the last some decades, read about some of the famous love lock destinations of the world.


# Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris

Situated on the famous Pedestrian Bridge of Paris, Pont des Arts Bridge is a popular love lock location that is positioned over the Seine River. The bridge is one of the most famous love lock destinations in the world. It is estimated that the burden of the locks on the bridge was too much to handle and this reached about 93 metric tons. In June 2014, the parapet carrying the burden of the locks collapsed. From the year 2015, authorities started removing a huge number of locks from the bridge.


# Hohenzollern Bridge, Germany

Built over the Rhine River in Germany, Hohenzollern Bridge enjoys this romantic tradition of love locks. The bridge is accessible to railway traffic and pedestrians and one can observe the hundreds of love locks too on this bridge. You can also lock your love at this famous bridge of Germany.


# Mt. Huangshan, China

There is an interesting story attached to lovelocks on Mt. Huangshan. A couple jumped into the deep cliff from here to unite. People madly in a love lock their souls together on the hurdles of Mount Huangshan and throw the keys far away in the valleys below. One can explore here a lot of locks locked on the fences, which are also packed with love locks. One can explore here a lot of locks locked on the fences, which are also packed with love locks making the mountain range a popular love lock destination of the world.


# Most Ljubavi, Serbia

Most Ljubavi is a pedestrian bridge in Vrnjacka Banja, which is famous for following the love padlock traditions and there are many padlocks symbolizing the everlasting love of couples. Padlocks are locked on the railing of the bridge by couples as a sign of their long-lasting love. The bridge has a history of padlocks that dates back to 100 years. The bridge has been also named the Bridge of Love. Having a history of padlocks dating back to 100 years, the bridge has been also named the Bridge of Love.


# Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge is the fusion of cable-stayed suspension bridge in New York City that connects the regions of Manhattan and Brooklyn by extending over the East River. It is a popular love-lock destination where one can observe a number of love locks. The bridge is one of the famous icons of the city. Since the locks are creating damage to the bridge, they are regularly being removed due to safety concerns.

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