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6 Delicious Local Dishes To Try in Madhya Pradesh

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24th May, 2022 03:14 IST

Madhya Pradesh has a culture with a mix of food and culinary experiences. With plates full of mouthwatering dishes and a dose of nature, this city has everything to offer to its visitors. The cuisine varies regionally by using ingredients of various states. It takes inspiration from neighboring states. It includes a mixture of tribal flavors as well. Along with its historic importance, its food is worth tasting. Here are some of the local delicacies making you dip into your spoons to taste the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh:


# Daal Bafla

Daal Bafla originated from Rajasthan and is a mouthwatering dish very similar to the Dal Bati of Rajasthan. Bafla is the cooking of wheat balls in pure ghee. These balls are served along with a bowl of Daal and coriander sauce to compliment the dish better. It is heavenly in taste providing a good dose of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats in the right quantities. The best Dal Baflas are found only in Madhya Pradesh.


# Poha

Super healthy and light, Poha is a breakfast delight fondly served in many parts of the country. Poha is the flattened rice with the servings of onions, green chilies, tomatoes with the best savoring of curry leaves and lemon. A bowl of Poha is quite fulfilling and enjoyed in all parts of Madhya Pradesh and India.


# Bhopali Gosht Korma

BhopaliGosht Korma gets its taste from the authentic Mughlai cuisine. This Nawabi plate offers you with a whole lot of Indian spices. Mutton is the main ingredient presented in the dish and complimenting with the Indian spices for a delicious plate of BhopaliGosht Korma. Bhopal makes some of the best Gosht Kormas.


# Seekh Kebabs

Seekh Kebabs has got all influences from the Mughal cuisines. Madhya Pradesh has got its style of cooking which is highly inspiring by Mughal style cooking. Seekh Kebabs are savoring and best non-vegetarian dishes of Madhya Pradesh. The dish is well minced presented in wraps which melt easily in your mouths. Keema, Korma Kebabs, and Shammi Kebabs are other varieties that people in Madhya Pradesh love. You can find the best Mughlai dishes in Bhopal and the neighboring parts.


# Palak Puri

Palak Puri is a great combination of health and taste. Made with wheat flour, spinach is the main ingredient used in making of these puris. The batter is deep-fried in olive oil once it is ready and the serving is done of aloo ki Sabzi or some amazing pickles. It is prepared during Navaratri to breakfasts or packed in tiffin boxes. Palak Puri is good for health as Palak has the essential nutrients required for the growth of the body.


# Malpua

Malpua is a sweet dish of Madhya Pradesh made with wheat flour and sugar syrup. These flat wheat flour pieces of bread are deep-fried in oil and dipped in Chasni. It is best served by garnishing of dry fruits on top of Malpua. These Malpuas are very yummy and extremely soft. Malpuas are essentials items during Holi or other festivals. In some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Malpua is made using Moong Daal and sliced onions for the combination of sweet and salty.

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