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6 Must Try Local Dishes of Lucknow

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24th May, 2022 03:25 IST

Irrespective of anything Uttar Pradesh has to offer, their food has the power to tantalize your taste buds. Nearly from chaat, samosa, kachoris to ras malai, kababs, and biryani, each of these is fulfilling and loved by everyone.

The chefs of Uttar Pradesh normally cook food in earthen pots for as long as three days. It may be an old method of cooking but makes dishes delicious and mouthwatering.

Each of the states in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its unique dishes. The sheer diversity in Uttar Pradesh is reflected in the flood zones.


# Galawati Kebab

Galawati Kebabs are the cornerstones of Awadhi cuisine which melts in the mouth as soon as you taste it. It is minced meat packed with lots of spices. The kebabs are so soft they melt in your mouth making you want more. Nawabs can be seen feasting on these kebabs on any special occasion.


# Tunday Kebabs

Tunday Kebabs in Lucknow are famous for their savory taste which melts in the mouth easily. These kebabs are made from lamb or buffalo meat with more than 100 spices adding in the uniqueness of flavors. The origin of these kebabs’ dates back to the 17th century. Chef Hajid Murad Ali brought in the concept of Tunday Kebabs in Lucknow and from then one it has become a popular dish.


# Lucknowi Biryani

A nationwide favorite dish, Lucknowi Biryani is made from saffron, curd, cashew nuts paste, star anise, and mace powder. Awadhi cuisine is simply incomplete without this dish where mutton or chicken is cooked in low or medium flame for a long time. Baba’s in Swaroop Nagar is often crowded with people as it is the best Biryani shop in Lucknow.


# Nargisi Kofta

Nargisi Kofta is mutton balls gravy in which the eggs are stuffed with mutton keema and then they are deep-fried. To add to the uniqueness of the dish, tomato puree, dry fruit paste, and caramelized onions add to the charm of the dish. It is a common dish made during the Ramzan month. It is a must-try dish if you have never tasted Nargisi Kofta before.


# Makhan Malai

How can you miss out on desserts on your trip to Lucknow? It is generally a cool confection that is a light set cream topped with pistachios and saffron. It is a classic Awadhi cuisine enjoyed during winters.


# Kulcha Nihari

These are soft and fluffy parathas served alongside rich meat gravy made with chicken or mutton. In Lucknow, Rahim’s is serving Kulcha Nihari for about 120 years from now. Kulcha Nihari is a proper Lucknowi dish known to each and every one.

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