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6 Must Visit Amusement Parks To Visit in India

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14th May, 2022 03:36 IST

India is a land of fun and masterpieces. Visit to amusement parks is another level happiness for people. India has numerous theme and amusement parks, although only few are outstanding in terms of activities. Summers are coming and kids must have wanted to go out to enjoy their vacations. If you are planning to surprise your friends and family by visiting theme or amusement parks in India.


# Adlabs Imagica, Mumbai

It is one of the best high-tech amusement parks in India, located in Mumbai. It was opened in 2013 with the largest roller coaster ride. The park is not only just a fantasy for children, but it attracts all forms of ages. It has more than 30 theme rides with eight themed restaurants and a snow park and water park.


# Wonderla Bangalore

It is one of the best amusement water parks in the South of India, with 50 rides, including water rides, rides for small children, and thrill rides for adults. Wonderla is a fast working chain with different branches in Cochin and Hyderabad as well. It has a unique water disco floor with disco lights and a water system, a real-life fun and relaxation area for all adults. It has been a hub of a youngster with time.


# Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

It is the world’s largest film studio complex with around 1980 acres of area. It has been certified by the guineas world record as well. It is the only downtime relaxation destination with magic cite specially for Bollywood people. Thousands of movies are created and recreated at this place. This has been the life of India and Indian people because Bollywood has been in the blood of Indian people. As days passes by, Bollywood has been famous all over world, so Ramoji film city has been an attractive tourist place for people all over the world.


# Essel World and Water Kingdom, Mumbai

Essel world was first largest amusement park in India established in 1989. It has more than 70 rides of various variety. It is situated in Mumbai and has been a biggest tourist attraction spot. The Asia’s largest theme in park attracts numerous visitors locally and internationally both. It can be the perfect place for your kids to experience the thrilling rides.


# Nicco Park Kolkata

It is an amusement park of West Bengal created with the sense of family friendly refreshment park with educative intention. It has several rides including water rides as well. It is a home to different cuisines food stalls providing Indian, South Indian snacks, Chinese etc. It was established in 1991 covering 40 acres of land.


# Snow Park Goa

Its a unique man made snow park made in Goa with sledding hills and ice bar. One can enjoy and take the pleasure of hill station in Goa itself. Goa known for beaches has created a new attraction tourist spot where u can enjoy beaches with snow.

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