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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez show subtle signals 'relationship is stronger than ever'

Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck enjoyed a shopping spree in Los Angeles and showed off a number of big signs the pair are as strong as ever.

The Hollywood couple's relationship has been under scrutiny after a number of public appearances seemed to show tension between the pair. However, their latest jaunt to the LA shops on Sunday have apparently put to bed those rumours, according to a body language expert.

Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and body language expert, told Mirror US: "As Jennifer Lopez strolls with Ben Affleck through the market in their matching wide-leg jeans, white trainers and pale tops, they send several obvious signals that their relationship is stronger than ever, and several not-so-obvious signals.

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"Ben has his arm over his lady's shoulders, keeping her close to him, which is a sign of intimacy. They are clearly comfortable with each other's physical presence. As they chat, they look at each other's faces, which is also a sign of closeness. This is a couple that is used to sharing each other's space many hours of the day, and it's natural for them to be in an embrace."


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Inbaal continued to say J-Lo's actions and hand placement on her husband's bum show she's still clearly attracted to him, adding that their cuddle and hand holding all "appear genuine".

"There are other, much more subtle signs to show that their relationship is not under stress whatsoever," Inbaal added. "The most important display of unity is in how they walk. As they stroll, their legs rise and fall in the exact same way as each other. They walk as a unit, and this shows that they are attentive to each other's movements and operate as a proper couple. There are no egos in their relationship, no winners or losers, they are together and they feel strong. They take each step in absolute unison, and when we see a couple walking as one, we know that they are one."

Inbaal opened up on how the pair showed no stress in their relationship simply by the way they were holding their bags, saying Jen's casual offering indicated she was feeling calm. "Had there been any disagreements between them, they'd be tense, and this would be obvious. They may show tense shoulders or perhaps tense wrists. No tension in their bodies means that there is no tension in the Bennifer brand."

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