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Chloe Sims quits UK and heads to Los Angeles to film new show with her daughter

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Sims has made the bold move of packing her whole life and moving to Los Angeles along with daughter Madison.

The 41-year-old has taken the plunge to move her life to the other side of the Atlantic with 17-year-old Madison in order to film her family's new reality TV show -

House of Sims.

She documented her last few days in the UK with a montage video of all her beauty treatments, masses of boxes ready to be shipped to Los Angeles and a clip of Madison on the flight over to the United States.

Masses of boxes were heading to Los Angeles

The video, which was posted on Monday, had the caption: "NEW CHAPTER. I flew back to the UK for 5 days to completely pack up & say my goodbyes for now.. made the big move to LA.

"The past few months have the most testing, exciting, months of my adult life. I’ve been quite on here as I’ve been extremely busy moving across the world."

The Sims family shared the news of their upcoming show all the way back in July last year but there were no details about when the first series will air.

Chloe and her family are said to have signed a £1million contract for the show which is due to launch on OnlyFans TV, with rumours that it could come to our screens as early as February.

She completed several beauty treatments before her flying to the US Her daughter Madison, 17, on the flight to Los Angeles

The mum-of-one will be a co-producer of House of Sims, which is set to feature brother Charlie, his fiancée Georgia Shults and sisters Demi and Frankie, who are bidding to become the 'UK Kardashians'.

Chloe quit TOWIE in 2022 after 11 years on the show with Demi and Frankie following suit in order to make the move to the US, although it is unclear whether the younger two siblings will relocate full-time.

It appears Charlie, who featured on the popular ITVBe reality show alongside his older sister between 2013 and 2015, and fiancée Georgia are committed to the show by moving in with Chloe in Los Angeles.

Chloe took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday evening to reveal the "good news" to her potential sister-in-law.

Frankie, Chloe and Demi will all feature in new reality TV show - House of Sims

She said: "Georgia, are you ready for me to tell you some good news?" to which Georgia replied: "Go on?"

Chloe continued: "So the good news is, is that you get to live with me... for a year."

Georgia quipped: "Lovely," while widening her eyes in sarcasm and putting her thumb up to camera, which Chloe found amusing.

The pair were then sorting their new "beauty room" for the new house before the eldest Sims filmed Charlie dancing in the living room.

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