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Parents reveal biggest lies they tell to keep Christmas magic alive for kids

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06th December, 2018 21:50 IST

Three quarters of parents tell white ‘lies’ over the festive period to keep the magic of Christmas alive, according to research.

Researchers who polled 1,875 mums and dads of kids aged up to 11 found they’ll go to great lengths to capture the imagination of their little ones over the festive period.

Four in 10 have already posted their children’s Christmas lists to the North Pole and a quarter of households are currently home to an elf on the shelf - and his mysterious mishaps.

Children in 40 per cent of homes are likely to rise on Christmas morning to find a bite has been taken out of Santa’s mince pie and a fifth will find his footprints in fake snow.

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Commissioned by Thorntons to celebrate the launch of its new mischievous Cheeky Elf chocolate model, the research also found 30 per cent of parents track Santa’s whereabouts using an app.

Ian Tweedale, marketing director of Thorntons, said: “It’s lovely to find out the lengths mums and dads go to pass the love on and help their children embrace the festive period.

“Perhaps they remember how special Christmas was for them when they were little, and they want their kids to feel that way for as long as possible.”

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The research also found mums and dads will tell eight white ‘lies’ over Yuletide in total.

Other lengths they go to include installing hidden cameras to ‘catch’ Father Christmas delivering presents and tucking into treats left out for him.

One in 10 cheeky parents even tell their kids Santa prefers beer and chocolate to mince pies and milk.

Some will keep their kids in check by telling them their elf on the shelf is watching them - and ensuring Santa is kept full briefed on their behaviour.

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In years gone by, 11 per cent have told their children brussels sprouts make you big and strong.

Many of those polled will create winter wonderlands at home complete with nativity scenes, miniature sleighs, illuminated figurines, fake snow and icicles.

The research also found hiding gifts from eagle-eyed little ones is one of the biggest seasonal headaches.

For seven per cent of those polled, the problem is so significant they have even installed ‘smart cameras’ to catch in the act of looking for their presents.

More than a fifth have resorted to parents hiding presents in the loft, 16 per cent have stored them at their own parent’s homes and a third of snuck them away on top of the wardrobe.

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Eighty-six per cent feel it is important to keep the magic of Christmas alive for their children.

And many rely on others to make sure this is in the case – 59 per cent enlist their kid’s grandparents and 28 per cent somewhat depend on their children’s auntie and uncle.

Ian Tweedale, marketing director of Thorntons, added: “We know the lengths parents go to at Christmas to make the occasion as special as it can be.

“Our new Cheeky Elf model celebrates all that is mischievous and fun about the festive season, much like those cheeky parents pulling off the perfect stunts to keep the magic of Christmas alive for as long as possible.

“We know it can be tricky to keep coming up with inventive ways to do this, so our Cheeky Elf Top Tips will give parents a helping hand this Christmas.”

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  • Santa’s sleigh is driven by flying Reindeer
  • Santa keeps lists of good and bad children to decide who gets presents on Christmas Eve
  • Santa lives in Lapland
  • Children must be asleep by midnight on Christmas Eve or Santa won't come
  • Elves make presents in Santa's workshop in the North Pole
  • Santa's elves wrap all the presents
  • Naughty children get a lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas
  • If Santa can't get in through a Chimney he puts on his 'silent shoes' and comes in through the front door
  • If you open your eyes when you hear Santa dropping off the presents he disappears
  • Santa visits various grottos around the world in the lead up to Christmas to meet children and find out what they want for Christmas
  • For handy tips and tricks to keep the magic of Christmas alive for your kids click here [ ]

    *The survey of 1,875 parents of children aged 11 and under was carried out by in November 2018.

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