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How To Take Care Of Your Food During Monsoon

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Miss Malini
12th July, 2019 20:07 IST

Monsoon season is the time when you need to be alert when it comes to your food items. It spoils at lightning fast speed and you catch yourself throwing away a lot of food every other day. Honestly, it is frustrating, and we’ve all been there. Which is why I thought to list down easy, doable hacks to prevent your food from rotting and spoiling during this season. Read on to find out!

1. Packaged Foods image

When dealing with packed foods, the worst season is the monsoon. Chips, munchies and even biscuits tend to get soft, limp and just soggy in this weather. The best way to avoid this is to store them in airtight containers and not leave them open for too long. You could also try wrapping them in blotting paper while storing them in the containers. Another way to avoid soggy food items is by storing opened packets in the refrigerator and tossing them in the microwave for about a minute before eating them again.

2. Loaves Of Bread

Mouldy bread pays a regular visit during the rainy season and it can be a real pain. It isn’t a good idea to eat any part of the bread once it becomes mouldy. To avoid wasting so much bread, you can start off by buying smaller packs of bread and finish them in a day or two maximum. And if you still have some bread left for later, toss it into the fridge and make sure it is sealed properly. This way there would be no moisture or air entering the pack that could lead to the moulding of the bread.

3. Grains image

Another one of the most common foods that spoil during the monsoon are the grains. The worm attack in your grains can really make one feel nauseous. So to keep your grains safe, spread them out in the sun on a sheet of paper before storing them and do it thrice a month, at least. Make sure you store them in a dry and cool space. And in order to prevent bacterial growth, toss ’em in the fridge!

4. Salt And Sugar

Powdered items in the kitchen like salt and sugar tend to become lumpy because of the moisture. So you need to pay and close the lid as tightly as possible every time you’re doing using it. Also, toss in some raw rice in the jars so the moisture in it can be absorbed by the rice. Another precaution is to opt for glass containers while storing sugar and salt and avoid keeping them on concrete shelves.

5. Vegetables image

Buying vegetables in bulk is a big no-no in this season, solely for the reason that they rot much faster. But don’t you worry, keeping them fresh and safe is an easy task too. All you gotta do is wash them properly, wipe them with a clean cloth and wrap them in newspapers. Then, throw them in zip lock bags and you’re good to go.

Weren’t these hacks just super easy and helpful? If you know of any more such hacks then do let us know in the comments below.

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