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Chanakya Niti 2022: Keep distance from these 4 things or else life will be ruined

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Chanakya has told the essence of living life in his policy. Meaning how can we live life by making it simple. Chanakya was the knower of a very big politician. Chanakya composed great texts like 'Chanakya Policy', economics, politics, economics, agriculture, social policy etc. He made rules from the experiences gained from his life and preached them to the people. He has created many such policies, by following which life can be made happy. Chanakya has told in his policies that some habits are such that due to which there is trouble in life. If the wrong habit is not left in time, your life will be ruined. Let us know which wrong habit Chanakya has told, due to which life will be ruined.
Chanakya believes that a person should never have any kind of ego. Ego is the biggest enemy of life. No one's time is ever the same. Happiness and prosperity come in the life of man. It never stays in one place. One should always stay away from feeling like ego. That is why it is said that one should always be humble. The more humble a person is, the more successful he will become.
Chanakya has considered anger as the biggest enemy of man in his policy. A person who always has anger inside, he is not happy throughout his life. Due to anger, they get away from their loved ones too. No one wants to go near them. In such a situation, the angry person gradually loses everything. Because of his anger, the work made by man gets spoiled.
It is said that one who has a sweet tongue is loved by all. But no one likes to speak to the one whose tongue is bitter. The personality of a person who has a bitter tongue tells how cultured he is. Because of the bitter tongue, even the good things about a person start looking bad. No one wants to go near him because of his tongue. Never say any wrong thing about others or keep any wrong impression in mind about it. If human beings think wrong about others all the time then nothing good ever happens to them. Because thinking wrongly about others, inadvertently harming themselves too. It becomes heavy for the person to behave badly with friends, relatives, and people of the neighbourhood and distance from them. No one wants to have a relationship with such a person.

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