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Miraculous effect of Lakshmi Blessing Mala, poverty will be away, Granary will always be brimful.

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04th May, 2021 19:18 IST

Poverty is a word that no one would want to make a connection with, but wealth and happiness is not in the fate of everyone, due to the inauspiciousness of the planets in the horoscope, many times people are forced to spend their lives in poverty. We have brought for you to remove this poverty and to keep the food-grains stored in your home always Lakshmi Ashirwad Mala. This garland has been specially designed to overcome the lack of money. This garland has five faces -Rudraksha, Lakshmi Swaroop Lockett and Black Jasper grains. The black Jesper grains are invoked with the chamois. Wearing this garland brings blessings of Mother Lakshmi.

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The specialty of Lakshmi Blessing Mala
Five rosary Rudraksha is threaded in this garland and five deities shower grace on this five Mukhi Rudraksha, due to which it destroys the defects created with the five elements. Five Mukhi Rudraksh is worn to provide mental peace to remove diseases of the mind as well as to overcome poverty, due to its effect, there is peace and happiness in home life. Due to the influence of five Mukhi Rudraksha, economic problems and poverty are destroyed and it is filled with wealth and gives blessings in the family.

Benefits of Lakshmi blessing garland
● Due to the effect of Lakshmi Ashirwad Mala, you never feel the lack of cash, there is always a wealth of wealth in the house.

● With the effect of this garland, one gets rid of wasteful expenditure, debt and all the money related problems.
● The use of Lakshmi Blessing Mala removes poverty and brings happiness and prosperity to the house. Grain stores are full in the house.
● If you use Lakshmi Ashirwad Mala, then not only you but your whole family is in good health.
● By wearing Lakshmi Blessing Mala, a person can also get freedom from serious sins.
● Wearing it protects man from his enemies. Even it is helpful in getting money.
● The effect of this rosary provides mental peace and it cures diseases of the mind. Happiness and peace prevails in household life.
● Its effect removes Vastu defects and increases confidence and concentration. Work interruptions begin to end by themselves.
● Due to the effect of this garland, we are protected from negative energy and there is a wealth of wealth in the house.

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