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Pooja Tips 2022: Take into consideration these tips before lighting the lamp in front of the deities

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23rd June, 2022 19:30 IST

While lighting the lamp in front of the deities, these things should be considered.Be sure to take care. In Hinduism, the method of lighting a lamp during the worship of God is very old. And it is considered very important. Without lighting the lamp, the worship of God is considered incomplete. But according to astrology, some things must be kept in mind even while lighting the lamp, otherwise, the worship is considered incomplete.
The importance of lighting gold, silver, bronze, copper and iron lamps in the ritual is unique. While lighting a lamp, and keeping sapta dhanya (seven types of grains) under it, one gets freedom from all kinds of troubles.
According to astrology, a broken lamp should never be lit during puja. It is considered inauspicious to do so. By lighting a broken lamp, a person may have to face many problems related to life. While worshipping, only the right and clean lamp should be used. If possible, try that the lamp is new. Ghee and oil lamps are lit during the puja. In such a situation, if you are lighting a lamp of ghee. So white cotton should be used and if you are lighting an oil lamp, then it is considered auspicious to use a red thread light at that time. It is considered right to keep the lamp in the east direction while worshipping. The lamp should be kept in the south direction for one's opposite ancestors. Pitra by lighting a lamp in this direction. The fault goes away. And other problems related to life also go away.
Sometimes people light a lamp from one lamp to another so that matches are not spent. But never light a lamp from one lamp to another. It is not considered auspicious to do this, so the lamp should be lit separately, only by lighting the lamp, positive energy is transmitted and positive growth spreads in these countries, in the same way, it spreads in our life too. If wheat is kept under it while lighting the lamp, then there will be an increase in wealth and grain. If you keep rice under it while lighting the lamp, then you will get the blessings of Mahalakshmi. Similarly, if black sesame or urad is placed under it, then Maa Kali, Bhairav, Shani, ten Dikpal, and Kshetrapal will protect us. Therefore, some grain should be kept under the lamp. Together, if you keep rose petals or cloves inside the burning lamp, then life will be filled with many types of fragrances.

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