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Crazy man stabs his teenage daughter in Pachpaoli

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Nagpur Today
13th February, 2020 17:11 IST

Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

Nagpur: A crazy man stabbed his teenage daughter and injured her seriously over a domestic fracas in Pachpaoli police area here on Tuesday morning. The accused has been booked but not arrested so far.

According to police sources, the accused has been identified as Dinesh Pandurang Burde (40), resident of Plot No. 171, Kurahdkarpeth, Pachpaoli. On Tuesday, around 9.45 am, Dinesh went crazy and started throweing household vessels and other thinngs over a fracas. The antics of Dinesh did not go down well with his wife Varsha Dinesh Burde (37) and daughter Nisha and they confronted him. Enraged by this, Dinesh whipped out a knife and stabbed Nisha on her abdomen causing a serious injury to her.

Pachpaoli police constable Aniruddha Meshram, acting on Varsha Burde’s complaint, registered a case against the accused Dinesh Burde under Section 326 of the IPC. No arrest has been made in the matter so far.

Crazy man stabs his teenage daughter in Pachpaoli

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