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Headless body recovered from Gandhi Sagar

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Nagpur Today
11th July, 2019 06:47 IST

Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

Nagpur: Sensation prevailed around Gandhisagar lake area as a badly amputated headless body was
recovered from the lake on Wednesday. A few citizens on evening walk in Pagey garden were hit by a foul smell emanating from the lake. The people went to check and noticed flies hovering over something that looked like a body.

The matter was informed to cops who came running to the spot. With the help of a local diver, the cops pulled out the body that was naked. Also the body’s head and hands and legs were also found to be missing. From the look at the trunk it seems someone had brutally cut off the person after the murder to destroy the evidence.

As there are no head nor arms or legs, the identification is going to be a big challenge for the cops. Someone very sharp with surgical equipment seems to have cut off the body in two. It was later dumped in the lake to destroy the evidence.

Police surmise that the person was murdered somewhere else and the trunk was disposed of in the lake. Ganeshpeth police have dispatched the body for post mortem and awaiting further detail. Investigations are on to identify the person

Headless body recovered from Gandhi Sagar

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