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Nagpur: Teenager kidnapped and killed in MIDC

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Nagpur Today
11th June, 2021 09:39 IST

Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

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Nagpur: Fumed over his mother’s exploitation at the hands of 15-year-old teenagers’ uncle, a youth abducted the teenager boy and killed him in the outskirts of Outer Ring Road under MIDC Police Station on Thursday.

The deceased has been identified as Raj Pandey, while the accused has been identified as Suraj Sahu, both residents of Indira Mata Nagar.

According to police sources, Pandey’s uncle used to exploit Sahu’s mother. Owing to which, Sahu and Pandey family used to share family enmity. Irked over constant torture Sahu decided to teach Pandey family a lesson by eliminating the young member of their family.

Sahu reportedly abducted Raj from Indiramata nagar in MIDC and took him to Outer Ring road where he had killed the teenager.

MIDC cops have registered an offence of murder and have nabbed the accused.

Nagpur: Teenager kidnapped and killed in MIDC

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