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RPF seize ganja in Nagpur

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Nagpur Today
06th January, 2021 15:03 IST

Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

Nagpur: The vigilant squad of Railway Police Force (RPF) on Tuesday seized around 3 kgs of ganja worth Rs 28,760 from Visakhapatnam- New Delhi express at Nagpur. The officials of RPF were on routine check-up of the train between Nagpur- Chandrapur stretch. During the same, guard Praveen Kumar Gujjar and Krushakumar Meena scented Marijuana in coach S-3.

On inspecting the passengers, the RPF officials found around 3 kgs of ganja from one, Vegiraju Murli Krishanam Wald Satyanarayan Raju (21), a resident of Veerabhadrapuram, Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh. Cops subsequently seized the ganja and detained the accused.

The accused was booked up under section 20(b) ii (c), 29 NPDS act of the IPC and placed under arrest.

RPF seize ganja in Nagpur

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