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Youth kills neighbor to avenge his sister's molestation in Nandanvan

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Nagpur Today
14th August, 2019 13:14 IST

Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

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Nagpur: Nandanvan police have booked a 20-year-old youth allegedly for killing his neighbor on August 6. Earlier cops had registered a case of accidental death. However, during the probe, it was revealed that the deceased identified as Shailendra Maruti Gujjanwar sustained severe head injuries, which were the reason behind his death.

Following which cops have booked accused identified as Hemant Rambhau Khadse, a resident of Nandanvan Slums in this connection. The motive of the murder was to avenge his sister’s molestation, police said, on Wednesday.

According to police, Shailendra had behaved indecently with Hemant’s sister a few days back. As a result, Hemant held a grudge and wanted to settle the score with Shailendra by eliminating him. On August 6, Hemant sneaked inside Shailendra’s house. The duo first shared an argument before engaging in the fight. During the same, Hemant picked up steel utensils and smashed Shailendra’s head. The impact was so severe that Shailendra lost conscious and fell down and died on the spot.

Nandanvan police have booked accused Hemant under Sections 302 of the IPC and investigating further.

Youth kills neighbor to avenge his sister’s molestation in Nandanvan

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