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56 B.Ed. colleges in the state will have to give information online by May 8

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Naukri Nama
04th May, 2021 17:14 IST


For admission in the upcoming academic session (2021-22), 591 out of 647 colleges in the state have sent their information online. At the same time, 56 colleges have not given information yet. So far 591 colleges have come forward to give admission. Higher Education Department has started the system of getting admission in B.Ed Colleges. In the state, around 647 colleges of B.Ed have taken accreditation from NCTE. So far, only 591 colleges have reached the department for admission in the upcoming session 2021-22. About 56 colleges will not participate in counseling. This will result in zero entry if their seats are lost.

Significantly, at this time, corona infection is rapidly dominating the state. Therefore, the department has decided to make all its arrangements online. Due to this, the department has made all the activities related to getting admission in all B.Ed colleges in the state online. The department had instructed the colleges to adopt all the information through the portal by May 8, adopting the online process for getting admission in the upcoming session 2021-22. Only 591 colleges have participated in it so far. Still 56 colleges have not given any indication on their behalf to give admission in the upcoming session, so the department has given them one more chance to submit documents with their login password by May 8. After this, the department will complete the process of including colleges in the upcoming session.

Responsibility entrusted to university


Till now the department used to physically test the documents by the committee to see all types of documents of the colleges, but in view of the corona transition, the department has adopted the online process. Due to this, the university will give the first affiliation to the information given on the portal by the colleges. After this, the department will examine the letter of accreditation of the courses from the NCTE of the colleges and the determination of fees by the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee. They will then be included in counseling.

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