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Online education can only get a degree, it will be very difficult for a job

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Naukri Nama
11th June, 2021 14:38 IST


Through online education, college students will get the degree of the course, but given the current situation, they will have to work harder at their level for the job. Online education is not eligible to get jobs, because in online education, students are studying only the theory part of the course, they are not getting practical knowledge.

College professors said that students are showing little interest in online teaching. The paper is being passed by copying in the examination. Class attendance of students is not mandatory, so many students do not attend classes. Network connectivity is the best excuse at the moment.


In our Indian education system, students are completely dependent on teachers, the most negative effect of this is being seen in online teaching. At this time there is no offline communication between teacher and student, nor can the teacher convince the student in front of him to work on his shortcomings and improve them.

Lack of communication skills, confidence, extra curricular activities
Professors said that communication skills, self-confidence, observation skills, extra curricular activities, discipline, sports, team spirit etc. have not been developed in online teaching. Along with the degree, all these skills play a very important role in getting the student a job.

The hard work of the student along with the teacher is essential
online teaching lacks practical knowledge. Along with this, the camera of the students is turned off, so the teachers do not know whether the student is paying attention in the class or not. At this time, seriousness about the student’s own hard work, studies and career is very important. All the students in the examination are getting above 90 marks through copying. – Dr. Rupinder Kaur, Professor, Department of Biotechnology,

students did not develop skills
No additional skills have been developed in the students in online teaching. In Indian education system, students have to teach, they are not self-motivated. If the students themselves are clear about what they want to do in the future, they can also learn in online teaching, but the students are focusing only on getting the degree by copying. -Dr. Jagdish Mehta, Professor, Department of Sociology

You will have to work hard for practical knowledge
There is a lot of lack of practical knowledge in online learning. For this, the students themselves will have to work hard, because online teaching lacks the most communication between teacher and student. Classes are being held, but how much the student has learned from those classes is not being assessed. Students will have to ask the teachers themselves or can also take online training for practical skills. -Dr. Binu Dogra, former principal, increased student responsibility in PGGGCG-42

The responsibility of the students towards themselves has increased in online teaching. Teachers are taking classes daily. Along with this, for the students who are unable to attend the class, recorded lectures are also sent to the class group. Now it is up to the student whether he is studying it or not. Many students also do not take the class seriously. Practical subjects are not being taught properly in online teaching. Lakshya, MA Final Year Student, Public Administration


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