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Tuhar Duar was full of challenges, yet gave an indelible mark

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Naukri Nama
08th April, 2021 15:11 IST


Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had launched the ambitious scheme of Chhattisgarh government last year, Tuhan Duar. The program was conducted under the successful direction of Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam, Minister of School Education. One was that day and one was today. In this one year, even though there has been an outcry on the corona around the world, on the other hand, Chhattisgarh has brought many achievements in the field of education, which has been possible only due to the hard work of all the working officers and teachers in the field of education.

It is being praised not only in Chhattisgarh but also in other states of India. Recently the scheme has been conferred by the Computer Society of India, an e-governance award. It is known that schools were closed from 25 March 2020 due to the Kovid epidemic, which greatly affected the continuous process of learning of children. Due to Kovid-19, the biggest challenge in the lockdown in the state was that the opportunities for continuous learning of children should continue to be equal, and to ensure that children’s learning levels do not fall and dropout ratios do not increase due to school closure.

The program was completed by Dr. Alok Shukla, Principal Secretary, Department of School Education, in the event of closure of offices during the Kovid-19 lockdown with the help of NIC and the team of the department at a very low cost without any external agency. Kindly created CGSchoolDotin portal with departmental resources. Within a month, 2.2 million students were registered in this portal, taking the students aware and with the new system by the volunteer teacher.

Capen was run on mission mode. The teachers created high quality teaching material for the students related to the syllabus and content by the teachers in the portal, which was not only relevant but also included the interestingness. In this context, by creating 30 thousand videos, audios, worksheets and digital resources by Jugaar Studios, the incomparable learning process has been continued continuously through the power point presentation using smart phones by teachers from home in the budget.

In this episode, the process of continuous learning was continued in the virtual mode by the teachers, making assistive learning material, making the students talk according to the syllabus, classroom management. It is known that SCERT and CGBSE created 46,639 virtual schools for the convenience of learners from class I to class XII and created interactive online classes.

Homework, assessment and remedial teaching materials were also provided to the children through virtual schools by one-to-one teachers. Children to resolve content related doubts from teachers and appraisal was done by teachers by uploading homework to the learners. The teachers prepared 50 thousand questions on the basis of learning returns and also uploaded the quizzes.

This portal is special and beneficial in itself, and at the same time, this program has been made more effective by the innovations of our teachers of Chhattisgarh. The corona is now in its second year and the second innings of the Padhai Tunhar Duar Scheme is also beginning. In this second shift, the Chhattisgarh Education Department is fully prepared and the education of children in the state will be continued through the non-stop education Tuhar Duar.

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