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Mumbai: 19-year-old male model allegedly raped and thrashed by four

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07th January, 2021 11:43 IST

Mumbai: 19-year-old male model allegedly raped and thrashed by four
07 Jan 2021

A 19-year-old Gujarat-based male model was allegedly thrashed, looted and raped by four men in Thane.

The horrific incident was also recorded by one of the accused, identified as Puneet Shukla.

The survivor managed to find his phone after the incident and reached his relative's home at night.

He narrated the ordeal to his relatives, after which they filed a police complaint.

Here's more.

How did the victim meet the accused?

The aspiring model had been living with his relatives in Thane in order to explore work opportunities in Mumbai.

The victim befriended one of the four accused, Puneet, on social media.

When Puneet learned about the victim's arrival in Thane, he got in touch with him and the two met at Sathe Nagar on January 3.

Puneet had brought along another man.

A brief about the incident

The victim was taken to the terrace of an abandoned building by Puneet and the other man, where they were joined by two others.

The model was allegedly raped, thrashed, looted, and sodomized on that terrace.

He was also beaten with a stick when he tried to resist.

Puneet recorded the incident and the men also later tossed away the victim's wallet and phone.

Three accused have since been arrested

The four accused, who ran away after the incident, had also threatened the victim to make the clip of the sexual assault viral if he decided to approach the police.

On January 4, the police arrested 26-year-old Puneet and two other accused, identified as 34-year-old Ravi Jaiswal, and a 23-year-old Arvind Prajapati.

The fourth accused is still absconding and police's search is underway.

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