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Delhi government allocates Rs. 50 crore for free COVID-19 shots

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09th March, 2021 15:30 IST

Delhi government allocates Rs. 50 crore for free COVID-19 shots
09 Mar 2021

Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday said that the government has allocated Rs. 50 crore for providing free of cost COVID-19 vaccine shots to the city's residents at state-run facilities, as he presented the seventh Budget of the Aam Aadmi Party-led (AAP) government.

This year, Delhi's Budget is worth Rs. 69,000 crore.

Here are more details on this.


'Daily vaccination capacity will be raised to 60,000'

"We have allotted Rs. 50 crore Budget for this...Our government has decided that Delhi residents will continuously be provided vaccine shots for free in government hospitals. Soon, per day vaccination capacity will be increased to 60,000 from 45,000," Sisodia said in the Delhi Assembly today.

Private facilities charge up to Rs. 250 per dose

India had kicked off the second phase of its coronavirus vaccination program on March 1, under which people aged above 60 years and those aged between 45 and 59 but with co-morbidities are being administered vaccine doses.

While the jabs are being provided free of cost at government facilities, private hospitals are allowed to charge up to Rs. 250 for each dose.

There are many who cannot afford the vaccine, Sisodia said

"For people to get freedom from COVID-19, a person can go to a private hospital and pay Rs. 250 and get a vaccine shot. But there are many who have to think about whether they should spend money to get ration for the family or vaccines," Sisodia said.

"In the 75th year of Independence, this question should not arise in their minds," he added.

Rs. 1,293 crore set aside for healthcare services

"While taking a lesson from our COVID-19 management, Rs. 1,293 crore have been set aside for the expansion of healthcare services, including the opening of new hospitals, renovating old ones, and augmenting beds in them," the Deputy CM added.

Delhi among states that conducted highest COVID-19 tests

Sisodia also announced that Delhi is among the states that have conducted the highest number of COVID-19 tests in the country.

He said that 87.8 lakh coronavirus tests were conducted in the city until December 31, 2020, of which about 36% were done using the more accurate RT-PCR system.

In fact, this ratio has further improved over the past two months.

Delhi reported 239 COVID-19 cases on Monday

Delhi on Monday reported 239 fresh COVID-19 cases, lower than the number of infections reported over the weekend, according to the health bulletin released by the government.

The National Capital's tally now stands at 6,41,340.

Across India, the second worst-hit country in the outbreak, the fatal virus has so far infected over 1.12 crore and killed more than 1.57 lakh.

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