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Delhi govt to launch 'Film Policy' with single-window clearance

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13th May, 2022 16:50 IST

Delhi govt to launch 'Film Policy' with single-window clearance
13 May 2022

The Delhi government's new film policy, which will provide producers with discounts and subsidies on hospitality services, will be unveiled on Friday, said officials. In February, the decision was made to draft a policy that would make Delhi a desirable location for filming. The policy includes a single-window e-approval system for producers, which will be administered by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation.


Why does this story matter?

"This is an extremely progressive policy that has been introduced after closely studying film promotion and tourism help generate jobs, boost various sectors of the economy and instill a sense of pride among people,'' Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said. Sisodia had also stated that annual international film festivals modeled after the Goa Film Festival would also be held in Delhi.

What is the new Delhi Film Policy all about?

The policy provides for single-window online clearance of film shoots in the city for 25 agencies within 15 days. It includes establishing a Rs. 50 crore 'Delhi Film Fund' to assist producers and hosting an annual international film festival every year. The policy also establishes a film advisory board, a film shooting promotion cell, and a film facilitation committee to streamline the process.

The policy provides for subsidy upto Rs. 3 crore: Officials

According to officials, the policy will provide a subsidy of up to Rs. 3 crore depending on the number of days of shooting, how much of the city is captured in the film, the location, and branding of Delhi, and whether the staff is hired from Delhi, among other factors. According to the policy, the government will also host the Delhi Film Excellence Awards.


Delhi cannot have heavy industries, other sectors needed: Official

"While many films are shot in Delhi, the process for clearances is time-consuming...The aim is to make this simpler", an official reportedly stated. "Delhi cannot have any heavy industries by law...other areas need to be developed to generate employment. The new policy talks of giving subsidies of up to Rs. 3 make prospect of shooting in the city more appealing," the official added.

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