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Mumbai hotel charges Rs. 1,700 for two boiled-eggs; Twitter reacts

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12th August, 2019 20:25 IST

Mumbai hotel charges Rs. 1,700 for two boiled-eggs; Twitter reacts
12 Aug 2019

If you thought that paying over Rs. 400 for two bananas was a bit extravagant, you are in for more surprise.

A man in Mumbai was charged an abstruse (hold your breath!), Rs. 1,700 for two boiled eggs.

He posted a picture of the bill on Twitter, and received a plethora of reactions.

Here are more details about the bizarre incident.


Kartik Dhar was handed a bill amounting over Rs. 6,900

The man, called Kartik Dhar, posted a picture of the peculiar bill, from Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, highlighting the item '2 Boiled eggs' against a whopping price of Rs. 1,700.

Other items in the odd bill included four omelettes, two Diet Cokes, and one Coke zero.

The total amount of the bill (including GST) turned out to be Rs. 6,938.40.

Some perplexed, some questioned; Twitter had mixed reactions

Kartik's post went viral in no time, and attracted a lot of reactions, that were mixed, at best.

While some users found the funny side of it, others inquired about the authenticity of the bill, citing the unusual nature of the order.

Some others criticized the 5-star hotel for overpricing.

At the time of writing, the post had over 1,600 re-tweets.

Earlier, actor Rahul Bose was heavily overcharged for two bananas
Similar incident

In a similar incident, actor Rahul Bose shared a video on Twitter last month, claiming to have been charged an unbelievable Rs. 442 for a "Fruit Platter," that comprised two bananas. The incident took place at JW Marriott, Chandigarh.

Later, the Chandigarh Excise and Taxation Department served a show-cause notice to the hotel and slapped a Rs. 25,000 penalty for violating provisions.

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