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Apple iOS 17.2 update: Top features coming to your iPhone

Apple iOS 17.2 update: Top features coming to your iPhone
21 Nov 2023

Slated to release in December, Apple's upcoming iOS 17.2 update is set to bring several new features.

Among these additions are a new Journal app, shared music playlists, advanced Memoji customizations, and improved security for iMessage contacts.

Users will be able to share their Contact Poster through FaceTime, previously possible only via the Messages app.

The iPhone 15 Pro models will be able to use the Action button to translate live conversations into multiple languages.

New Journal app for daily journaling

With iOS 17.2, users will gain access to the brand-new Journal app. It will boast a user-friendly interface with automatic dating and bookmarking capabilities. Users will be able to schedule a reminder as well.

There'll be an option to add images, audio recordings, and location tags.

Additionally, the app will offer journaling prompts based on data from the user's phone, like exercise activity, media, photos, and locations.

Users can lock the app using the device passcode or Face ID.

Collaborative music playlists

The new update will let iPhone users create collaborative music playlists with friends and family. Apple will bring a Favorites Music Playlist within Apple Music that will automatically populate a user's favorite songs for easy access.

There will also be a new privacy-focused feature to let users disable their listening history. Users will be able to stop their favorite songs from being added to the library to have an uncluttered look.

Weather updates

With iOS 17.2, your iPhone will show more detailed weather updates on the home screen, which you would otherwise get by accessing the Weather app. Details, including air quality, precipitation chance, wind speed, and UV index, will be displayed.

Along with that, you will see daily forecasts which will show upcoming weather predictions in small widgets and sunrise/sunset widgets.

Also, the News app will provide information on real-time events, like elections, including support for 'Live Activities.'

Improved security and privacy features in iMessage

Security of iMessage is set to improve with 'Contact Key Verification,' a feature that displays a code to ensure users are communicating with the intended recipient.

This feature is specifically designed for those facing "extraordinary digital threats," such as journalists, human rights activists, and government officials. It could also help tackle impersonation issues.

Users will now be warned when blocked contacts are trying to call them via FaceTime, granting users greater control over their communication.

Other enhancements

The Emergency Alerts feature on iPhones will include a 'Local Awareness' option. Per 9to5Mac, Local Awareness will use your approximate location to improve the timeliness, accuracy, and reliability of emergency alerts.

Users will be able to react to messages with stickers, instead of just emojis. To do that, you will have to long press any chat bubble and the "Add Sticker" option will appear alongside emojis.

There will also be new customization options for Memoji.