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Apple releases iOS 16.3 with bug fixes and security features

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Apple releases iOS 16.3 with bug fixes and security features
24 Jan 2023

Apple has finally released the iOS 16.3 update which focuses on improving the security of iPhones. The update brings you the ability to protect your Apple ID using a physical key. It also adds the company's Advanced Data Protection for iCloud accounts. The firmware tweaks the Emergency SOS system, adds support for the second-generation HomePod, and also fixes iPhone 14 Pro's display issue.

Individuals can now use a security key as 2-factor authenticator

The iOS 16.3 update brings the ability with which individuals can use a security key (like YubiKey) for their Apple ID to lock down their iCloud account. This hardware key feature was announced last year in the US with iOS 16.2 to allow individuals to use a security key as a second authenticator. Now, it is rolling out globally via iOS 16.3.

What is a YubiKey?

The YubiKey is a hardware authentication tool that works as a two-factor authenticator, protecting computers, networks, or online services. Simply register a YubiKey with your account. Now, each time you log in, you will be prompted to link the key to your device as a part of the two-factor authentication process. Once done, press the button on your YubiKey to gain complete account access.

Advanced Data Protection for iCloud also introduced outside the US

Apple is also introducing Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, outside the US, via iOS 16.3 update. It will protect your iCloud data using end-to-end encryption. Additionally, the update adjusted the Emergency SOS calling system to stop unintentional calls. You must simultaneously press the volume up/down button and the power button to activate it. The call will be placed only after the buttons are released.

iOS 16.3 brings a series of bug fixes

Further, the iOS 16.3 update allows the HomePod mini speakers to act as temperature/humidity sensors. There are several bug fixes too. For instance, an issue that made the wallpaper appear black on the lock screen has been resolved. Additionally, the update also fixes the issue of green lines flashing across the display upon waking up the iPhone 14 Pro.

How to get the update?

The iOS 16.3 update is currently rolling out in a phased manner. Hence, it may take a while before it shows up on your device. Users are advised to check for the update by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.

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