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Apple Vision Pro's 'ideal form' may take 4 generations

Apple Vision Pro's 'ideal form' may take 4 generations
12 Feb 2024

Apple's Vision Products Group thinks it could take four generations for the Vision Pro headset to reach its "ideal form."

The news was reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter.

Gurman claimed that some team members believe there's a long way to go before the device is polished enough for daily use.

Early adopters have criticized the first-generation headset for its hardware and software issues.

Issues faced by Apple Vision Pro users

Many users have complained about the Apple Vision Pro headset being too heavy and cumbersome for extended use, indicating a need for generational improvements.

Other criticisms include a short battery life, a lack of dedicated apps, and numerous bugs in visionOS.

Gurman suggests that if Apple can address these issues over four generations, like they did with the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, the Vision Pro might eventually replace the iPad.

Vision Pro's potential as an iPad replacement

Gurman points out that Apple has had "mixed results" in positioning the iPad as a Mac replacement, with the device struggling to become a "true productivity powerhouse" like the Mac.

He writes that the iPad has forgotten its original purpose and become a more confusing part of Apple's product lineup.

For the Vision Pro to replace the iPad, it will need hardware upgrades, software updates, and better support from content creators, as well as app developers.

How much does it cost?

Gurman describes Vision Pro as "essentially a prototype - just one where you have to pay Apple for the privilege of testing it out." However, it is a very costly "prototype" priced at $3,499 (around Rs. 2.9 lakh) in the US.