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#CES2021: This Sony drone can shoot cinematic 4K videos

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13th January, 2021 20:02 IST

#CES2021: This Sony drone can shoot cinematic 4K videos
13 Jan 2021

For photography enthusiasts and video professionals, Japanese tech giant Sony has announced a new drone, called Airpeak, at the ongoing CES 2021.

The remotely-piloted, 4-rotor device can carry the flagship Sony A7S III - a full-frame camera that can shoot cinematic videos in 4K resolution.

If you already want one, wait for Sony to disclose the pricing and availability information later this year.


Sony Airpeak drone: At a glance
Design and features

Airpeak drone looks stealthy and comes with four rotors. Its payload can be equipped with an Alpha mirror-less camera to capture high quality, full-frame aerial snaps and videos.

It is the smallest drone to be equipped with the Alpha system and promises stable flight and dynamic filming. It aims "to contribute to the world of entertainment while also pursuing new possibilities for creative expression."

Sony eyes the US markets as DJI battles trade restrictions

Interestingly, as the world's top drone maker, China-based DJI is facing trade restrictions in the United States, Sony has swooped to capitalize on this market vacuum. Drone makers like Skydio are also looking to use this situation to its advantage.

Drones and their numerous use-cases

Nowadays, drones find application in many industries such as agriculture, real estate, entertainment, and industrial inspections. And capturing snaps as well as videos is just an artistic take on this technology.

Drones have the potential to bring in greater change via delivering packages and perhaps take the form of passenger carriers such as the Cadillac-branded air-taxi showcased by General Motors at CES 2021.


When will Sony's Airpeak arrive in the markets?

Sony has not disclosed the pricing and availability details of its Airpeak drone. However, the company has stated that it will set up a professional photography and video production business unit this spring. Right now, it is looking for feedback from photo and video professionals.

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