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Google Photos to let users share their weekly memories with friends: Here's how

Google Photos' 'My Week' feature lets users share weekly memories
11 Jul 2024

Google is developing a new facility for its Photos app called 'My Week,' according to a report by Android Authority.

The feature, enabled in the latest version of the app by code sleuth AssembleDebug, permits users to create and share photo highlights similar to Instagram Stories.

Upon full implementation, users will see a tile labeled "Introducing My Week" on the top left corner of their screen.

The feature promotes user interaction
User engagement

The 'My Week' feature opens a setup wizard that allows users to select photos they want to share, and includes an option to invite others to view their photo highlights or weekly memories.

These highlights will be presented in a vertical format, similar to Instagram Stories.

Users can add more photos, view photos shared in previous weeks, and send messages to invited contacts.

Viewers can like and comment on these photo highlights, promoting increased interaction within the Google Photos community.

Google and Apple collaborate on data transfer tool

Another collaboration

In related news, Google and Apple have joined forces to develop a new data transfer tool that simplifies the process of migrating from Google Photos to iCloud Photos.

Previously, users had to manually download and upload photos and videos when switching platforms, a process often seen as tedious.

This new tool is part of the Data Transfer Initiative (DTI), aimed at giving users more control over their data by facilitating easier transfers between different services.