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Use this tool to transfer images from Google Photos to iCloud

How to seamlessly transfer images from Google Photos to iCloud
11 Jul 2024

Google has joined forces with Apple to launch a tool, that simplifies the process of transferring pictures from Google Photos to iCloud.

This tool is a continuation of an initiative launched in 2021, that facilitated transfer of images from iCloud to Google Photos.

The latest development is part of the open-source Data Transfer Project (DTP), which aims to maintain the "integrity of a person's data" during transitions between services.

The tool is set to roll out over the next week.

New tool aids seamless data transfer among collaborators

The new tool was announced by the Data Transfer Initiative (DTI) — an organization helping users transfer data between services. Launched in 2023, DTI includes Apple, Google, and Meta as collaborators. Its goals align with those of the DTP that began five years earlier.

Duration may vary depending on the file size

Apple notes that the transfer time can vary from a few hours to several days, depending on the file size.

Upon completion, users will receive a confirmation email and their transferred files will appear in an album titled "Import from Google," within the Photos app.

The files will stay in your Google Photos too, so you'll have to delete them manually from there if you want them gone.

Tool enhances Google Takeout's export options

The new tool is an extension of Google Takeout's export options under the DTI.

It automates the transfer process from Google Photos to iCloud, eliminating the need for users to download or upload anything beyond initiating the process online.

However, it won't work for child accounts, managed Apple ID accounts set up by IT admins, or iCloud accounts with Advanced Data Protection activated.