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Dubai: Pakistani man handed seven-year imprisonment for murdering Indian roommate

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12th February, 2019 14:43 IST

Dubai: Pakistani man handed seven-year imprisonment for murdering Indian roommate
12 Feb 2019

On Sunday, a court in Dubai sentenced a Pakistani national to seven years in jail for stabbing his Indian roommate to death in 2018 after an argument over leaving the lights on.

Reportedly, the 37-year-old convict will also be deported to Pakistan after serving his jail sentence.

The defendant can file an appeal against his sentence within 15 days.

Here are the details.


A verbal spat led to the murder

The incident had taken place in October last year at a workers' accommodation in Jebel Ali on the southern outskirts of Dubai.

According to witnesses, the accused was intoxicated and brash at the time of the incident, and was talking on his mobile phone at night which disturbed his roommates.

Subsequently, a verbal spat ensued, and murder followed.

The Indian was stabbed during a tussle

During the spat, the Pakistani national's Indian roommate reportedly asked him to pack up and leave as he was on a visit visa, and not a resident visa.

Although the Pakistani man left the room, the Indian reportedly assaulted him as he had threatened to beat the workers up later.

In the tussle that ensued, the Pakistani took out a knife from his bag and stabbed the Indian to death.

What the eyewitness had to say

"His roommates asked him to turn off the lights but he didn't answer them as he was busy with a phone call. He then caused chaos when the victim asked him to leave the accommodation," said the 46-year-old Indian supervisor who served as a witness in the case.


Pakistani man says he had no intention of murder
Other details

After the stabbing, the accused fled the scene, but was apprehended by police shortly afterwards.

During his trial, the Pakistani national, who is in detention, admitted to having consumed alcohol prior to the incident.

However, he said that he had had no intention of murdering the Indian, and added that it had happened in the heat of the moment.

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