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Almonds Side Effects: Eating more almonds than you need can be dangerous for your health!

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23rd June, 2022 21:54 IST

Eating Too Many Almonds: We all know about the benefits of eating almonds, but do you know that if it is eaten in excess, then there can be different types of damage to the body.


Do Not Overdose Almonds: Almond is such a dry fruit that not only in India but people all over the world eat it with great passion. Our elders also recommend its consumption because the nutrients present in it are very beneficial for the body. It is said that eating almonds sharpens the brain and improves memory. Knowing these benefits, many people start consuming this dry fruit more than necessary. By doing this, the body starts doing harm instead of benefit. Let us know about the side effects of almonds.

Disadvantages of eating more almonds

Kidney Stone Risk: Eating almonds in excess are also not considered good for kidney health. Oxalate is found in this dry fruit, which can lead to kidney stones.


Almonds are a source of vitamin E, if you eat more of this dry fruit, then there will be a vitamin overdose, which is involved in the causes of serious diseases like hemorrhage.

Toxins will increase in the body

Excess consumption of almonds can increase the toxins in the body, which is not good for the stomach. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised not to eat it.



Almonds contain a lot of fiber which is considered good for the stomach, but eating it in excess can lead to constipation and problems in digestion.


If you are troubled by weight gain, then never eat more almonds because it will increase your weight and fat will start to accumulate around the stomach.

Difficulty in getting the nutrition

If a person eats almonds in excess, then due to the fiber present in them, there is a blockage in the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium.


Breathing Troubles

Eating almonds more than the limit increases the HCN level in the body, which can cause trouble breathing. Apart from this, there may also be a risk of nervous breakdown and suffocation.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. Newscrab does not confirm this.)

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