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Is Gyanvapi Masjid built on a Hindu temple? Click here to know what the video survey report says!

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20th May, 2022 13:10 IST

The Gyanvapi Masjid video survey by the commission was completed on May 16, and the report on the survey was submitted to the Supreme Court on Thursday. The report of the survey team suggests that the mosque is related to a Hindu temple.


Details of the Gyanvapi Mosque's survey report were leaked to the press, and claims of being a Hindu temple before the mosque was built were intensified. It was suggested that the mosque was built on the remains of a Hindu temple, with many religious carvings visible in the complex.


Here's what the Gyanvapi survey team saw during videography-

  • The walls were carved with betel leaf structures, which are important in Hindu culture.
  • The four pillars inside the mosque have carvings of flowers, urns, and temple bells.
  • One column contains texts written in the old Hindi language, which were not readable by the team.
  • A temple bell was installed at the top of one of the gates of the Gyanvapi Mosque.
  • Trishul marks were also seen on the walls, suggesting carvings of Lord Shiva.
  • One wall was carved with three lotus flowers, with a swastika structure on top.
  • The pillars of the basement complex had a number of pillars with carvings of lotus flowers and urns.
  • Earlier, the petitioners have also claimed that a Shivling has been placed in the pond area, due to which the authorities closed that part of the Gyanvapi complex.

The videography survey of Gyanvapi Masjid completed on May 16 was opposed by the Muslim community, after which a petition was filed against it in the Supreme Court. Now, the survey report has been submitted to the apex court and is being analyzed by the bench.

The Masjid Committee and several political leaders have claimed that the 'Shivling' inside the mosque is actually a fountain, and sealing the area is inappropriate. The Supreme Court is likely to pronounce its verdict on the Gyanvapi dispute soon.

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