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Recipe of the Day: You can easily make Gavvalu, a traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh, here is the method

Today we are going to tell you how to make Gavvalu, a traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh at home. This sweet is very much liked in Andhra Pradesh. You will also like its taste very much. You can make your guests' mouth sweet with this sweet.


Required Ingredients:

- Four cups all purpose flour

- Four tbsp ghee

- Two tbsp finely chopped pistachios

- Two cups sugar

- Oil

- Water


You make it in this way:

First of all, put flour in a big bowl and knead it by adding ghee, salt and water.

Now break the balls of this dough

Now make lines (shells) on them by pressing them from the back side of the fork.

Now heat oil in a pan and deep fry them till they turn golden brown.

Now make sugar syrup and dip the fried shells in it.

This is how you become a cowherd.

Put pistachios on them and taste them.

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