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What to do if my signature does not match in the bank?

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17th October, 2020 08:25 IST

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Shailendra Pandey is in a lot of trouble these days, as his 67-year-old father suffering from Parkinson is no longer able to sign documents. He wants to know how it will be possible to access his bank accounts in such a situation. There are many people whose signatures do not match the documents in banks and elsewhere. Their hands begin to tremble at the time of signing the check or other papers. In such people, there is a lot of fear of not being able to sign as per the signature available in the bank records. One is the problem of signing with aging, on the other hand, excessive use of computers is affecting the handwriting of the youth and making it difficult to sign.

Signature practice This is a major problem for pensioners who depend on the pension withdrawn from the bank account. They deal with two types of problems - one is that their signature does not match the bank records; second, due to old age, they have trouble reaching the bank branches. If there is difficulty in signing only, then this problem can be overcome by continuous practice. However, vigilance is also necessary for such a situation, so that no one can copy it. Those whose signature does not match the signature kept in the bank records, especially they should be cautious while signing the check, because this problem is repeated in the check, it will be considered as fraud and you will have to face punishment. In the interest of those who are unable to go to the bank due to old age and those whose signatures do not match, the Reserve Bank has repeatedly issued guidelines. When the toes or toes of sick people who are unable to walk or fall in bed are shot, they should be identified by two independent witnesses who know the bank, and one of whom is a responsible officer of the bank. If a person is unable to come to the bank and is also unable to give fingerprints, a mark should be placed on the check or withdrawal slip (withdrawal form), which should be verified by two independent witnesses, one of whom is an officer of the bank.

Application for change in signature Those whose signatures change as they age can fill a form in the bank with their changed signatures. Along with the form, you also have to present documents like identity cards. Also, you have to submit an affidavit that the bank account is in your name, and due to personal problems you have to change the signature slightly. The bank records your changed signature in five to six days and then you can operate your bank account with this signature. Opening a joint account in the bank is also a way to solve the signature problem. If a person is not able to operate his bank account properly due to old age or mental illness, his relatives can take the responsibility of operating the bank account by giving a guardian certificate in the bank. There is also a facility of doorstep banking for senior citizens and disabled people who cannot reach the bank branch.

Solutions for Shailendra Shailendra Pandey can become a joint account holder in his father's bank account. If his father cannot go to the bank for this change in his account, then a bank official will have to come to his house. If they have siblings, they should be informed first, so that there is no future family dispute.

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