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Anupam Kher tweeted on 'Achhe Din'

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21st February, 2020 11:25 IST

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher has made the public aware of social issues, has strongly commented on the slogan 'Achhe Din', aired during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Someone will like him. Because he has spoken about fighting against the bad days for the good day. Which is also really true. If you fight against the bad days, then definitely good days will come".

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Anupam shared with his Twitter account. In this tweet, he said that 'Sometimes one has to fight against bad days for good days". There is a lot of reaction coming on his tweet because of his tweet. Earlier, Anupam Kher had shared a video in which he raised some questions in front of everyone while attacking the slogans of 'independence' in the country. Those who shouted the slogans of independence, what they want to say."

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"India got freedom on 15 August 1947. Our ancestors have fought a lot for it, so if they want freedom from Manuwad, freedom from hunger, freedom from caste, then they have to work for it. He also said that many people had worked. What will happen if you raise slogans? You will not get food from sitting at home. You will have to work for it. People have worked for the country which came from 1947 to 2020. What freedom do they want? I don't understand. Work for the country, nothing is going to happen with just slogans.

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