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American Company Claims to Get Corona Vaccine by September, Production Contract Given to Indian Company

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NP News24
23rd May, 2020 15:13 IST



New Delhi : The biggest question at this time is what is the treatment of coronavirus. The whole world wants to know how long will it take to get the corona vaccine because only vaccine can end this epidemic. At the same time, there is news that the corona vaccine may be available by September. It is claimed by a company named Moderna of America. The company has even claimed that it has also given a contract for production to an Indian company.

6 countries and thousands of claims about vaccine. Work is going on at war level everywhere. Italy, Israel, India, China are all claiming to make the vaccine but if we believe the claim of America’s Moderna company, then Corona vaccine will be in the market in September.

The American company named Moderna claims that its initial trial has been successful. Scientists have injected vaccine in som epeople’s body and they have successful to develop antibodies in their body to fight coronavirus. Now the company has decided that in the next phase it will trial it on six hundred humans.

Six hundred people will be between 18 and 45 years and half will be above 55 years. If this trial is also successful, then there will be a trial on 2500 more people, which will have young children. The company says that it will take at least three and a half months to do all this, so if everything goes well, then Corona vaccine can be available by September.

Now you will think that if the trial is completed by September, then how much time will it take to make millions of doses of vaccine, but the company claims that at least 11 crore doses of this vaccine will be made by September. It is also reported that Moderna Company has given an Indian company the contract of making doses of this vaccine. Now the question is, why trust this company?

The claim of this company can be believed because the same company also produced the Ebola virus vaccine in nine months. The company says that many tests have been completed. The work of making the vaccine has also started. In this operation, many companies of America have put their full strength with so much money. Research is continue day and night on 100 vaccines in about 90 labs and trials on different stages is going on but the first success has been achieved by Moderna Company.

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