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Gangtok Grub Guide: Chow Down on the Coolest Eats in the Himalayas

Craving some hot Thukpa on the hills? Or munching on crispy Sel Roti while hustling through mountain adventures? Gangtok's got the local food game strong! Dive into the capital city of Sikkim and devour a variety of dishes reflecting the Himalayan diversity and local creativity. Here's the lowdown on the best Gangtok eats that'll spice up your trip:


1. Munch on Momo Madness: Momos are the kings of street food in Gangtok. Find these steamed dumplings filled with veggies or meat, served with a spicy kick, all over town. Customize your momo game with options like cheese, chicken, veggie, or fish momos. Get your fix at cool spots like Cafe Live & Loud and Taste of Tibet.

2. Thukpa for the Soul: For chilly days, slurp on some Thukpa – a noodle soup packed with veggies or chicken and spiced to perfection. Made with love and a bunch of spices, you can add cheese or butter for extra comfort. Grab a hot bowl at Taste of Tibet or Thukpa Corner.

3. Sel Roti Snack Attack: Sel Roti, the crispy flatbread stuffed with all things awesome, is your go-to snack. Enjoy it with chutneys or sauces and explore varieties like cheese, butter, chicken, or paneer sel roti. Head to any Sel Roti food vendor in Gangtok for a crispy treat.

4. Chang: Gangtok's Liquid Courage: Meet Chang, the local powerhouse drink crafted from millet, rice, barley, or buckwheat. Served hot in clay cups, it packs a punch with an alcohol content of 15-20%. Find this strong elixir at The Himalayan Bar or Hotlix.

5. Shah-Paley: Sikkim's Meaty Marvel: Sink your teeth into Shah-Paley, a Sikkim-style meat patty deep-fried to golden perfection. Packed with minced meat, spices, and herbs, it's a snack or main course delight. Try different flavors like chicken or fish shah-paley at Mu Kimchi or Thakali Tangerine Lounge & Bar.


Embark on a culinary adventure and savor Gangtok's flavors – it's not just a trip; it's a taste sensation!

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