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14th January, 2022 07:16 IST

Banjar is a small town in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, popularly known as "Valley of God". It connects Kullu to Shimla via Jalori Pass. The valley is also a gateway to Great Himalayan National Park. Banjar valley is the hub of many beautiful unexplored places. If you are not one of the Kasol crowds and want to spend time in peace with nature, this is the place for you. To get into the Banjar valley, continue past Banjar town without bypassing it and start following the Jibhi nala or stream. An alternate and more relaxed route is via Shimla if you have more days in hand and want to break your journey there.


Banjar is around 27 km from Aut and is the biggest town and district headquarters of Banjar Valley & Tirthan Valley. The road along the Tirthan river is very picturesque and provides a stunning view of the valley. From Banjar, the road bifurcates— one road goes to Tirthan Valley and the other to Jibhi and Jalori Pass. Banjar Valley offers peaceful walks to tranquil villages.


Gushaini is around 10 km from Banjar along the Tirthan river, while Jibhi is around 8 km from Banjar; a stream flows enroute Jibhi too. There is a big market in Banjar with all the necessities and even a bhuttico shop. It was the first town to be developed with guest houses and hotels. There are quite a few options for eating in Banjar, most of them clustered near the bus stand.


Bus stand at Banjar is housed in a big building and has excellent connectivity with the rest of the valley and entire Himachal Pradesh. There are buses every 30 minutes to Tirthan Valley with Batahad being the last stop. Buses toward Jibhi, Sojha and onward to Jalori Pass are less frequent. Shared taxis ply toward Jalori Pass and on the other side to Anni village and there is also a taxi stand in Banjar.


Tirthan River is a major river of Banjar along with the tributary Pushpabhad flowing from Jalori pass through Jibhi. It is located at the confluence of these two rivers. Banjar is one of the tehsils of the Kullu district. 'Banjar mela ' is the prominent fair of Banjar valley. A dialect of Kullavi called Saraji is spoken here and the people are also called Serajis. There are many tourist spots in Banjar, these are Tirthan valley, chehni fort for Shringa Rishi, Bahu village, Jibhi valley, Balu temple, etc. In 2020, Tirthan Valley is considered to be one of the most underrated tourist spots of Himachal Pradesh

Its takes 7hour30 minutes (257.2 km) from Chandigarh to Banjar

Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences.

Chehni Kothi

Religious Sites, Historic Sites

The Chehni Kothi (or Chaini Kothi) is an impressive tower made of stone and wood. It has been named from the village where it lies: Chehni village. Chehni is located in the Jibhi valley near the Tirthan valley.


How to reach:

There is a jeepable road reaching the village but we suggest you to go on foot. It takes about 45 minutes or an hour to reach on foot from the main road depending on your stamina.

You can start walking either from the Shringa Rishi gate or from the villager Bihar. Both starting points are accessible from a link road located between Banjar and Jibhi.

In case you want to go with your car be sure you are comfortable on steep and narrow mountain tracks. In case you stay in the Tirthan valley you will need to move to Banjar first and then continue towards Jibhi and Jalori pass. It is approx. a 45 minutes’ drive from Gushaini.

Shringa Rishi temple

You must know that the entire Kullu valley which includes the Tirthan valley is also called the valley of the gods. Almost each village has its own deity and there are plenty of natural places that are home to various gods. They are all recognized and respected by all the villagers of the Kullu valley. These gods are called Devta. All these Devta have their own story, and so there are gods who are more important than others. Shringa Rishi is the most important Devta of the Tirthan and Jibhi valleys. Shringa Risha stays in his temple located in the village Bagi, near Chehni Kothi. You can easily visit the temple while going to or coming back Chehni Kothi. The priest family living by the temple will be happy to tell you the epic story of Shringa Rishi.

Sai Ropa Tourist Center

Sai Ropa tourist centre is located just in the lap of nature, a 100m walk will take you to the river side. They have 4 rooms and dormitory for around 40 guests. Rooms are clean and spacious. Food is available but timings are limited. Walk around 50m you will find a 2 tea shops. Trek to choii waterfall is nearby. There are no big eateries around. You can enquire about the the great Himalayan national park trek and get further details from office in the centre.

The only sore point is the souvenir shop which sells jams and squashes!!



Jibhi is hardly a 2-hour journey away from Aut tunnel on the Delhi-Manali Highway. It lies in Banjar Valley and is at a distance of about 8-10 km from Banjar. There are lush green pine forests with a pristine waterfall in Jibhi. Jibhi is perfect for numerous short hikes close by and offers surreal mountain views encompassing traditional village life. Doli Guest House in Jibhi is an all-time favourite with travellers.

There are quite a few places to stay in Jibhi and accommodation ranges from cottages to huts, to cheap homestays and guesthouses. Some of the top options to stay in Gushaini are the Rana's Cottage and Latoda Pine Huts that faces the river stream.

 Leena’s Home, a homestay in Jibhi, is quite popular for delicious home-cooked food. Average rates for double rooms are around INR 500-800 for a night.

Sainj and Neuli


The road to Sainj and Neuli bifurcates from Larji, just before Banjar. Larji Dam is close to Larji village and is the first place of note after the road diverges from Aut. The beauty of Sainj Valley has been tarnished a bit due to the hydroelectric power project that has been built over Sainj river.

Sainj is a big town in the valley and Neuli is a small village. There are many homestays and guesthouses in both places. They are included in the region of the Great Himalayan National Park.



In Banjar and near by there are pleanty of private and locan guest house, cottages and hotels available which provides you good food, pleasant stay and serene ambience. Look at few options here;

Hotel Aditya Beach Lovina

Symphony Woods Resort Tirthan

Symphony Woods Resort renowned for offering the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and style in Tirthan Valley. Symphony Woods Resort offers a superior level of elegance and comfort while offering the guests impeccable hospitality and services.

Raju Bharti's Guest House

Raju Bharti's Guest House is located at Vpo Gushaini, teh, Banjar, Himachal Pradesh 175123, India.

Guest house

Seraj Heights Home Stay Palach Tehsil Banjar distt Kullu is a home away from home for tourists coming to this awesome location.

It is about 5000 ft high above sea level.

Its location is tremendous and one can see the entire Seraj valley from here.

Even mandi Seraj is partially seen from this place.

local village and traditional culture are found all around.

It serves organic food to the guests on a very affordable menu.

come here and feel real nature.

Lambhari Hills Homestay

A short walk through a small fairy-tale village called Lambhari (near Jibhi, Tirthan Valley) transports you to a magical place filled with lush greenery and surrounded by the majestic Himalayas on all sides. Somewhere amidst the colourful flora and fauna you will find a quaint little home that camouflages with its surroundings.

Imagine waking up to the melodious chirping of birds, spending the day amidst marigold flowers watching butterflies, picking your own fresh vegetables prepared as per your preferences and staring endlessly into a sky full of stars while you breathe in fresh mountain air. They have 02 bedrooms with all basic amenities and attached washrooms. Both rooms open up to the organic farms and garden surrounded by vistas of the majestic mountains.

Private Room

Remote and secluded cottages right next to the river, offer you the best in terms of comfort and natural beauty. Enjoy trout fishing, pottery, nature walks, treks and bird watching. Or simply relax, eat home cooked delectable meals and read a book by the river just below. The property is situated in the eco zone of the great Himalayan national park.

So, if you want to explore the nature sightseeing and birds chirruping, streams and historical places then this place is meant for you. You can spend time with your family and friends in the serene beauty of Banjar- “The valley of God”

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