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While your wedding day should be unforgettable, we believe that no wedding is complete without a wonderful honeymoon! But you can't drain your wallet for an exceptional honeymoon experience and narrative. However, emptying your wallet does not guarantee a unique experience. Visiting affordable honeymoon places outside India does not imply you will not have a great experience. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cheapest honeymoon locations outside India. We have also provided the important information you should know before visiting these nations.

Here is a list to help you plan a cheap honeymoon:



The Philippines is nature at its finest, covering over 7000 islands. It has white sand beaches, turquoise water, gorgeous mountains, rice paddies, and traditional architectural structures.

For a 7-day journey for two people, the cost is about Rs.69900.

Tickets from India to the Philippines for you and your spouse would cost about Rs.42000-46000.

Type of visa - 30-day single entry visa

Travel Insurance - Digit Insurance offers a travel insurance policy for two people for Rs.336 (excl. 18%) each day.

Food and Accommodation Costs per Day – A couple's average food expenditure is Rs. 1700 per day. However, lodging costs will be between Rs.2300 and Rs.2600.

The Boracay Islands include three sides of crystal pure seas, beautiful beaches, and a romantic grotto.

Palawan Island is one of the country's most beautiful islands.

Coron Islands - If you love forests, the sea, and mountains, you'll love the Coron islands.

Mayon Volcano, Albay - See an active volcano while in the Philippines.



Thailand, often known as the “country of smiles”, is a nation of contrasts, with clean beaches and exotic rainforests, green hills, and breathtaking mountains. The lively contemporary lifestyle contrasts sharply with the calm of ancient Thai culture seen in temples that have weathered the test of time.

A 7-day journey for 2 people would cost between 70,000 and 84,000 rupees.

Flights to Bangkok, Thailand, would cost between Rs. 36000 and Rs. 40000.

Visa on Arrival for stays under 15 days

Travel Insurance - With Digit, you can get travel insurance for each of you worth $50,000 for only Rs.336 (excl. 18%) every day.

Meals in Thailand would cost you and your partner about Rs.2000 each day. Accommodation costs between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 4200 per night.


Krabi - Krabi has around 130 hidden islands with breathtaking panoramas and charming cafes.

So, if you both want to party, fly out to Koh Samui for full-moon parties that last till daybreak.

Chiang Mai - Traditional Thai temples hidden amid green hills and tranquility in Chiang Mai.

Sukhothai Old City — Explore the remains of the city with your partner and learn about its wonderful past.



Malaysia is a developing wonder with rich biodiversity characterized by tropical rainforests and man-made wonders marked by arching edifices.

Aside from its natural beauty, it also has a fusion of Asian civilizations that coexist peacefully with its original tribal culture.

Overall Cost – Rs.71500-83500 for 2 people on a 7-day tour

Flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia may cost between Rs.34000 and Rs.42000.

Visa type – Visa-free travel for 15 days after enrolling with ETRI. Visa

Daily Food and Accommodation Expenses - Meals in Malaysia cost about Rs.2500. Accommodation costs between Rs.2800 and Rs.3400 per night.


Explore the history of Malaysia while taking a romantic boat trip through Malacca's historic monuments, colonial edifices, and heritage buildings.

Redang Island - Relax on the white sand beaches or walk the cliffs and experience the lush rainforests of Redang Island.

Kinabalu National Park - Trek the highlands and discover about 4500 types of animals. Mount Kinabalu (4,050 feet) is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia.

With your partner, explore the beautiful tea farms of Cameron Highlands.



Did you know that Indonesia has 17800 islands spanning from SE Asia to Oceania? Bali, a popular honeymoon location, is located in this country.

Aside from that, there are other secluded islands where you may relax and avoid the tourist crowds.

Overall Cost – Rs.76000-92000 for 2 people on a 7-day tour.

Two round-trip tickets to Bali, Indonesia, might cost between Rs. 44000 and Rs. 50000.

Visa on Arrival (30 days)

Food and lodging per day - Meals in Indonesia will cost you and your spouse roughly Rs. 2000 per day. Your lodging costs would be between Rs.2500 and Rs.4000 per night.


Mount Bromo in Java - For a foggy mountain experience.

Choose any Bali beach and you will not want to leave for the duration of your stay.

Labuan Bajo - For exciting scuba diving.

Monkey Forest in Ubud — The name says it all.

Komodo National Park - One of the few locations on earth where these dangerous animals may be seen, do not miss this chance while visiting Indonesia.



It is where eastern and western civilizations meet, straddling Asia and Europe. This nation is a cultural boom, combining the best of both civilizations.

It has pine-clad mountains, stunning sun-kissed beaches, and lively and rich culture. The Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean to the south contribute to an already amazing terrain.

Overall Cost – Rs.78100-90200 for 2 people on a 7-day tour.

Flight expenses — Two round-trip tickets to Istanbul, Turkey, would cost between Rs. 54000 and Rs. 65000.

Visa – 90-day tourist visa

Travel Insurance - Travel insurance is required in Turkey. With Digit Insurance, you can cover $50,000 for both of you for only Rs. 340 (excl. 18%) every day.

Food and Accommodation Expenses per Day - Other tourists have reported spending about Rs.1000 per day on meals for both of you. Accommodation costs between Rs.2300 and Rs.2600 per night.


The mineral deposits of Pamukkale, which resemble snow-clad mountains, make for a romantic getaway.

Cappadocia - What could be more romantic than flying in the skies with your better half? Experience the thrill of hot air ballooning in Cappadocia.


Love Valley - How could you miss the Love Valley where rocks and flowers abound?

City of Derinkuyu - Explore the stunning subterranean city and learn how persecuted Christians lived hundreds of feet below the earth.

Now you can spend time with your better half within your preferred budget and place. The distances are no longer a hurdle between your dream destination and you.

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