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Mumbai to Goa by road, your ultimate travel experience

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07th April, 2021 07:44 IST

Magical Goa! That’s the very first thing comes to our mind. And guess what, the excitement gets doubled when you plan to travel by road. Goa hits all the right notes. Mumbai to Goa distance is not even 600 km, yet we don’t drive from Mumbai to Goa for a road trip that often.


So there, definitely, couldn’t be a better place to visit once the nightmare of Covid-19 is over or you plan to travel with all safety and precautions. When you finally get to travel, you’d also want to ensure that the journey is no less exciting than the destination. And the best way to do that is to take a trip from Mumbai to Goa by road. This road trip will unravel a wealth of panoramic sights and scenes that you’ve been missing all this while.

Popular Routes from Mumbai to Goa


When you take a trip from Mumbai to Goa by road, you can pick from the two scenic routes — one passing through NH 4 and the other through NH 66. Both these routes offer stunning vistas and enticing stopovers. So if you are in the mood to capture some incredible shots on the road, be prepared to find several Instagram-worthy views on this trip. The best thing about this road trip is that it’s less than a 12-hour drive from Mumbai, making it perfect for a weekend escapade or a quick getaway before the routine resumes. Let’s explore each of these two routes in detail:

Route 1: Mumbai to Goa via NH 4


Mumbai to Goa via NH 4 will take you on a smooth route marked by wide roads fit for fast driving. It’s a straight four-lane road all along, dotted with excellent stopovers. While driving along this route, you can explore a number of attractions, including forts, lakes, and temples, and even a wildlife sanctuary. This is the ideal route to follow if you are out on a family trip. However, be prepared to encounter quite a few toll booths along the way. The roads on this route are pretty smooth, making it ideal for people with motion sickness.

Route: Starting from Mumbai, you will travel to Pune via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Then you will follow NH 4 to make your way through Satara, Kolhapur, and Belgaum before you finally reach Goa.

Distance: 590 km (approx.)

Travel Time: 10 hours 30 minutes (approx.) without any detours

Popular Stopovers

Pune: Among the notable tourist places to visit in Pune are the Shivneri Fort, Aga Khan Palace, Sinhagad, Shaniwar Wada Palace, and Pataleshwar Cave Temple. If you are traveling with kids, make sure to visit the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park.


Satara: The main attraction of Satara is the Kaas Plateau or the valley of flowers that boasts of 850 species of flowering plants. The Natraj Mandir, Juna Rajwada, and Nava Rajwada are among the other attractions you can visit while passing through this city.

Kolhapur: The quaint city of Kolhapur is famous for a number of tourist attractions, including the ancient Mahalakshmi Temple, the spellbinding Rankala Lake, and the historic Panhala Fort. A visit to Chatrapati Shahu Museum will let you get a glimpse of several artifacts belonging to the bygone eras.

Belgaum: A lovely town, Belgaum boasts of a plethora of attractions that are worth exploring. Prime among those are the Belgaum Fort, Gokak Falls, and Kittur Fort and Palace. If you are a nature lover, you should not miss out on visiting the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Route 2: Mumbai to Goa via NH 66


The winding route of NH 66 from Mumbai to Goa will offer you a thrilling ride, with the majestic Western Ghats serving as the backdrop. Adding to the whole experience are the narrow, steep roads at high altitude that are barricade-less on the sides in most places. A popular route for thrill-seekers, it is ideal for those who are expert at maneuvering vehicles through such terrains and treacherous corners. You can find a number of spots to explore while journeying from Mumbai to Goa by car or bike through this route, including historic sites, heritage structures, and even religious destinations. Try avoiding this route if you are prone to motion sickness.

Route: Commencing from Mumbai, this route will take you through Panvel, Pen, Kolad, Khed, Chiplun, Pali, and Sawantwadi before you finally reach Goa.

Distance: 577 km (approx.)

Travel Time: 12 hours (approx.) without any detours

Popular Stopovers

Ganpatipule: The Ganpatipule Beach may not be as famous as the beaches in Goa, but it is a beauty in itself with several water sports facilities. The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple here is a big draw for the tourists and pilgrims alike.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Karnala Fort: A popular destination in Panvel for bird lovers, the Karnala Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 222 species of birds. The Karnala Fort also lies within the boundary of the sanctuary and is worth a visit.


Pen: The place is famous for making huge Ganesha idols. Spending some time here will allow you to get a closer look at how skilled artisans make these gigantic idols.

Kolad: A haven for adventure enthusiasts, Kolad is where you can enjoy white water rafting at its best. The Bhira Dam is one of the popular places where you can catch up on all the action of white-water rafting.

Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls: Falling against the backdrop of lush greenery, this waterfall presents a magnificent sight. You can also visit the Kansai Waterfalls, which is situated not far from Tamhini Ghat.

Dapoli: The coastal hamlet of Dapoli near Khed is dotted with many attractions in and around it, including the Harnai Port, Panhalakaji Caves, and the temple of Kadyavarcha Ganapati. Do not miss out on visiting the Unhavare hot springs, which are also in the vicinity of Dapoli.

Murud: If you take a detour to Murud, which is a small coastal village, you can go for a dolphin-spotting trip. A trip to the Kasa Fort is a must when you visit this place.

Chiplun: Standing on the banks of River Vashishti, Chiplun is rich in several natural wonders like the Guhagar beach and the Sawatsada waterfalls. Among the man-made marvels defining this place are the Lord Parashurama Temple, Koyna Dam, and the Pandavaas Caves, which are believed to have been built by the famous Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata.

Sawantwadi: The tranquil setting of Sawantwadi is a pleasant change from the chaos of city life. Adding to its beauty is the Sawantwadi Palace that takes you back in time. The huge Moti Talao situated near the palace is another majestic attraction to explore here.

Essential Stopovers


During your drive from Mumbai to Goa, you will find many small villages and towns with ATM facilities and petrol pumps. Kolad, Mangaon, and Indapur are a few such names. Make sure to refuel your car or bike adequately during the trip to keep going without any hitches.

To sum it all up, if you prefer driving through a safe and smooth route, opt for Route 1. But if you want to feel the rush of adrenaline along with matchless scenic beauty, you should choose Route 2. Whichever route you take, drive safely and responsibly.

Fab Safety Tips for Road Trips from Mumbai to Goa

All set to hit the road? Before you head off, take our two cents on the dos and don’ts of taking a trip from Mumbai to Goa.

  • Wear masks & gloves
  • Wash your hands whenever you get out of the car or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Choose a 100% hygienic hotel for a safe stay
  • Prefer bottled water and eat only at a clean restaurant
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth frequently
  • Take Vitamin C and D along with zinc daily to boost your immunity
  • Carry essentials like torch, hand sanitizer, light food, protein bars, sleeping bag and water
  • Carry a pair of comfortable shoes in your luggage
  • Always keep a map handy or download offline maps when you are on your own and out exploring any unknown territory
  • And obviously, follow all the COVID-19-related guidelines issued by WHO including hygiene practices and social distancing
Best time to visit


The beaches of Goa are swarming with people in the months of December and January and this is indeed the best season to visit Goa. But if you are planning a visit during these times, then it is better if you could book your accommodations in advance. In case you want to avoid the crowd, you may visit during the months of February to June and October to December. If you are willing to experience the lush greeneries and empty beaches, you can visit the place in the monsoons. Moreover, Goa is the cheapest during monsoons, but then driving down to Goa from Mumbai in that season is a bit challenging.

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