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Chandrababu wants to set things right in home district

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Prati News
08th November, 2019 19:47 IST

Telugu Desam Party won just 1 of the 14 MLA constituencies in Chittoor district in the assembly election. Chandrababu is the only TDP candidate to win in this district.

Chandrababu first contested from Chandragiri constituency in the early stages of his political career and later moved to Kuppam. Both these constituencies are in Chittoor district.

The fact that the party had a disastrous election campaign seems to have shown a great effect on Chandrababu. Now, he is willing to set things right in his home district.

Chandrababu has been touring Chittoor for the past two days and he will be meeting with TDP leaders in the district today as well.

Apparently, the TDP chief wants to appoint a new party president for Chittoor district and he is discussing about the same with his party forces. He has been laying out strategies to strengthen the party in Chittoor. He will be coordinating with TDP leaders in Chittoor district regarding the same.

TDP won just 3 out of the total 52 MLA seats in the Rayalaseema region and that needs to change if the party is to stand in a better position next time around.

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